world Donald Trump frightens judges and prosecutors

Donald Trump frightens judges and prosecutors


The separation between the executive and the judiciary, a pillar of democracy, has broken down this week with the public intervention of the president in the case of his friend and collaborator Roger Stone. After the action of the attorney general to reduce the sentence requested by the prosecutors, the president he has turned his weapon of mass destruction -Twitter- against the judge in charge of the case, and on the way has left shaking judges and prosecutors across the country.

According to the ‘New York Times’, which claims to have had conversations with the 93 prosecutor’s offices throughout the country, one and the other are frightened. When a case that can get the president’s attention comes across the table, they self censor, although they say they give serious turns to the ethical dilemma presented by the case. Everyone has seen how other prosecutors change their minds when they hear the president. His main concern is that the attorney general does not support them in cases with political sensitivity, as he has done with that of Stone, which led to the resignation in unison of the four prosecutors in charge of the case (three asked the judge to challenge and one has resigned completely from the government).

Hours after the president tweeted at dawn that the conviction requested by the prosecutors for his collaborator, for obstruction of justice in the Russian plot, was “a great injustice” that could not be allowed, “because the real criminals were on the other side »(the Democrats), the Department of Justice intervened to request that “significantly” reduce your penalty. As mitigating alleges the advanced age (67 years) of the former Trump campaign chief, his lack of criminal record and his “personal circumstances”, without clarifying. Congress has called on Attorney General William Barr to explain the disturbing decision at a hearing scheduled for March 31. “Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking control of a case that was out of control!” Trump defended on Twitter.

Barr warns that he will not be “intimidated”

US Attorney General William Barr, so far a loyal ally of Donald Trump, said Thursday that the criticism of the president is making it “impossible” to do his job and warned that he will not be “intimidated or influenced for anyone ». Barr made those statements in an interview with the ABC network after Trump criticized the conviction request for Roger Stone, a close ex-collaborator of the president who has been convicted of seven charges for his involvement in the so-called Russian plot.

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“I am not going to be intimidated or influenced by anyone, be it the Congress, the editorial team of a newspaper or the president,” Barr said. Trump’s criticisms “make me impossible to do my job and I want to assure you that the courts and prosecutors of my department are doing our job with integrity,” he said.

Trump has launched several attacks on Twitter against the Department of Justice, led by Barr, for the Stone case, which led to the resignation of the four prosecutors in charge of that procedure on Tuesday.



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