Donald Trump has been taken to hospital

Photo: President of the United States Donald Trump, Creator: dts news agency

US President Donald Trump was hospitalized less than 24 hours after his coronavirus infection was detected.

He was being treated at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the US state of Maryland, allegedly as a precaution, as it was said. Soldiers and veterans from all military sectors are usually taken care of there. According to the US Presidential Office, Trump has not yet transferred government power to his Vice President Mike Pence.

Earlier, Trump’s doctor Sean Conley had shared details about the US president’s treatment. According to this, Trump received 8 grams of an experimental antibody compound, as well as zinc, vitamin D and famotidine, which is normally used to treat reflux disease, as well as the hormone melatonin and an aspirin. In the afternoon, the president was “tired” but in “good shape”, Conley continued. His wife Melania, who also tested positive, should also be fine. You only have a light cough and a headache. The rest of the presidential family shouldn’t be infected.


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