Donald Trump investigated by Manhattan prosecutor for bank fraud

The District Attorney of Manhattan investigate the president Donald Trump for bank and insurance fraud. as reported on New York Times, according to which the prosecutor Cyrus Vance Jr – the man who arrested Dominique Strauss Kahn in New York in 2011 – filed a series of new acts with which he asks Trump to deliver tax returns for the past eight years, both from the president and from his organization. The prosecutor spoke of undisputed press reports reported last year about the Trump practices, news that would provide a legal basis for requesting documents that the president has always refused to deliver.

Accuses him

Among the facts before the power of attorney, the witness of the ex-lawyer and handyman of Trump, Michael Cohen, according to which the president may have inflated its assets and the value of the properties to obtain bank loans and insurance policies of a value higher than those to which he would have had access. For about a year, Trump has tried to thwart the investigation – which starts from payments made by Cohen to buy the silence of two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal – claiming that, as president in office, he would be immune from state investigations: l The investigation would be insanely exaggerated and in bad faith, Trump’s lawyers say, and would consist of harassment of him, as well as a violation of his legal rights. Less than a month ago, for, the Supreme Court has rejected Trump’s position: the highest American court has decided to freeze for the moment the delivery of the tax documents by Trump, but made it clear that he will still be required to do so.

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