Donald Trump: Invitation to MPs from Michigan – new tactic for staying in power

Donald Trump’s attorneys have so far lost a number of trials contesting the results of the US election. Now, the elected president’s strategy of maintaining power appears to be increasingly focused on convincing Republican leaders to intervene on his behalf in the states that Joe Biden has won.

For the state dispute Michigan Trump invited two Republicans to a meeting on Friday in the White House. The news agencies report Reuters and AP as well as the »New York Times«. Two people familiar with the matter said that Trump had invited Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Chairman Lee Chatfield. These apparently also agreed to accept the invitation. Both would visit the White House and listen to what Trump has to say.

Neither Shirkey nor Chatfield commented on the matter. But both are said to have previously indicated that they will not try to overturn Biden’s victory. Trump is more than 150,000 votes behind in Michigan.

According to the AP, Trump’s team apparently has the idea of ​​convincing well-meaning Republicans to appoint electorates who could vote against the will of the voters, according to the AP. Should Trump succeed in convincing Michigan’s state electoral board not to confirm Biden’s victory in the state, state lawmakers could be asked to select electors. However, such a move would be unprecedented and potentially illegal. It would result in a quick legal challenge.

Trump’s lawyers had withdrawn suit

According to calculations by the US media, Biden has 306 electorates behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 electorates. Michigan, for example, brings the votes of 16 voters. Even with a victory there, Trump would still be missing a number of voters.

Previously, it was known that Trump’s legal representatives have withdrawn their lawsuit in Michigan. They had succeeded in preventing the confirmation of the results in the Wayne County constituency, it said in a statement. However, it was initially doubtful whether this was actually the case.

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