Donald Trump is again inciting against Governor Whitmer

At a campaign appearance on Saturday in the state Michigan hat Donald Trump his supporters once again incited against the local governor Gretchen Whitmer. “You have to get your governor to open your state,” Trump called to his fans. They responded with a Trump slogan from the 2016 election campaign: “Lock them up!” Trump then corrected the demand with: “Lock them all up!”

The US president’s renewed firings are particularly explosive, as a group of extremists who planned to kidnap the governor was recently exposed in Michigan. The FBI had previously investigated, some undercover, and arrested more than a dozen suspects last week. They are also said to have planned a storm on parliament in Lansing.

Already in May several gunmen Access to the parliament building in Lansing was given – preceded by tweets by Trump with slogans like “Free Michigan!” and harsh criticism of Gretchen Whitmer.

Speaking to his investigative authorities, Trump said, “I think they said she was threatened,” and then he was outraged that Gretchen Whitmer made him responsible for the plot. “And she blamed me,” said Trump.

Whitmer previously accused Trump of inciting people in the corona pandemic. Whitmer wrote after Trump’s recent statements on Twitter: “This is exactly the rhetoric that has put my life, my family and other government officials at risk. It has to stop.”

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