Donald Trump lobbies Republican officials to change results

Donald Trump clearly does not intend to stop at nothing to try to change the outcome of the presidential election. In the absence of success in court, where his accusations of massive fraud organized by the Democratic Party are failing after failure, he is now increasing the pressure on officials of the “Grand Old Party” (GOP).

On Tuesday, November 17, he spoke by telephone with two Republicans members of a bipartisan commission who initially opposed the certification of the results of the county of Michigan which includes the city of Detroit, a solid Democratic stronghold. . Faced with the outcry over this unusual decision, they changed their minds and finally agreed to validate the votes.

A real coup

After Donald Trump’s intervention, the two Republicans wished to reconsider their decision the next day, a step too late for it to materialize. Michigan was won by presidential winner Joe Biden by a margin of over 150,000 votes.

However, the President of the United States has not relaxed his efforts, supported by the media devoted to him. He invited Friday, November 20 to the White House two senior officials of the Michigan Republican Party: the majority leader of the State Senate, Mike Shirkey, and with the speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield.

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For the American press, the strategy is clear. It is a question of blocking at all costs the certification of the results, scheduled for Monday in this state, or even of testing the availability of Republican officials for what would amount to a real coup: bypassing the vote of November 3 that would constitute the designation by the Michigan Congress, where they are in the majority, of the electors of the outgoing president.

One of the president’s visitors, Mike Shirkey, categorically ruled him out on November 16. “This will not happen”, he affirmed while assuring that the law of the State does not allow it.

Conspiracy theory

Donald Trump’s pressure is all the stronger as the lawyers responsible for defending his fraud accusations, hammered out preventively months before the November 3 election, have so far failed to obtain results likely to change the verdict of ballot boxes in one state.

The team on which the president relies is not made up of electoral dispute specialists such as those assembled by George W. Bush during the episode of the vote recount in Florida after the presidential election of 2000. It is also pale next to the one that was set up during the indictment of the president in 2019. It is led by Rudy Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York, a former prosecutor who multiplied the blunders during of its first hearing on November 17. He is supported in particular by Sidney Powell, the lawyer of a former close to Donald Trump struggling with justice, Michael Flynn.

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