Donald Trump on the fires in California: “It will get colder”

Published on : 15/09/2020 – 07:36

On the front page of the press, this Tuesday, September 15, the signing, today in Washington, of an agreement normalizing relations between Israel and two Gulf countries, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. A new climate-skeptical declaration signed by Donald Trump. A radical measure in Indonesia to enforce the wearing of masks against the Covid. And a discovery on the planet Venus.

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On the front page of the press this morning, the signing today in Washington of the normalization agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

According to the conservative daily The Jerusalem Post, which evokes a “historic” event, this agreement is presented by Benjamin Netanyahu as a “peace treaty” between Israel and the two Gulf countries, the Israeli prime minister now assigning greater importance to what was presented at the start , as a simple “formal recognition” of the links between the Hebrew State, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. “Emirates and Israel ready to sign Abraham’s historic agreement in Washington”: The National He is careful not to mention a possible “peace agreement”. The Emirati daily, which recalls that the two countries have never been at war, prefers rather to stress the fact that Israel “has undertaken, (in return for this agreement), to suspend its plans to annex the territories. occupied Palestinians ”. The Palestinians, which we find on the front page ofAl Quds Al Araby carrying the coffin of the Arab League, during a symbolic ceremony, intended to protest against the silence of the organization vis-à-vis the normalization of relations between the Gulf countries and Israel. According to the pan-Arab daily in London, close to Qatar, the Palestinian authorities consider today’s ceremonies in Washington as “a black day in the history of the Arab nation”.

The reaction of the Israeli daily Haaretz is mixed, to say the least. If the left-wing daily recognizes that the signing of this agreement is “an extremely important event in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict”, that Benjamin Netanyahu “has the right to claim the merit of this progress” and that Israel “can thank President Donald Trump for his efforts and the pressure he exerted “, he warns, however, against the temptation to” celebrate the defeat of the Palestinians “:” The Arab states, including those who have signed agreements with Israel , did not abandon the project of a two-state solution, and did not fail to stress it on every occasion, ”warns the newspaper.

Donald Trump, as we have just mentioned, yesterday swept aside the concerns of Californian officials about global warming, during his visit to the state ravaged by fires. “It will eventually cool down”, “I do not think that science really knows”, assen the American president, accustomed to climate-skeptical statements. Words that provoke the sarcasm of Tom Toles, for The Washington Post, which shows him ensuring that “all is well”, in a room plagued by fire. “It is high time to know if the nation agrees”, comments the designer, in an allusion to the presidential election next November. “The president wants to know if we have already tried gasoline?”, Asks a firefighter to his colleagues surrounded by flames in the drawing of Pia Guerra for The Nib, who accuses the US president of adding fuel to the fire. Cartoonist Kevin Siers, meanwhile, is ironic in The Charlotte Observer on recent statements by Donald Trump on his supposed strategy in the face of the Covid epidemic – which he says he wanted to “minimize” so as not to cause “panic”. Words repeated by the Republican Party, now about fires: “We knew that climate change existed, but we did not want to create panic”.

About the Covid-19 epidemic – Indonesia is experimenting with a radical method to make the population aware of wearing a mask. The Evening Standard reports that eight people, caught in the act of not wearing a mask, as they left their homes, were forced … to dig the graves of people who died from the coronavirus. A means of “dissuading” those who do not respect the obligation to wear the mask in public places, according to the Indonesian authorities. The London daily specifies that 7 of the 67 referral hospitals in the treatment of Covid in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, are now saturated, and that 46 others are currently more than 60% occupied.

We do not leave each other on this. Is there anyone up there? According to The Independent, British and American astronomers announced yesterday that they had detected the “apparent presence” of phosphine, a gas existing on Earth, in the cloud layers of the planet Venus. This gas could be a sign of life – but maybe not, say researchers. Le Figaro, which recalls in particular that Venus, with temperatures of over 450 ° C and an extremely dense and corrosive atmosphere, has very little chance of harboring any extra-terrestrial life …

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