world Donald Trump on Twitter, panicked attorney general

Donald Trump on Twitter, panicked attorney general


He was either in a coma or on Mars. The attorney general of the United States, William Barr, has now noticed that the tweets of the American president, Donald Trump, above all, nothing and its opposite can imply serious disturbances to the normal institutional functioning.

“Messages are making my job impossible. I can’t do my job in the Department of Justice with constant comments that weaken me.” However, it is suspected of yielding to presidential claims.

Specifically, the head of state used the social network to criticize the sentence – seven to nine years in prison – that prosecutors asked Republican consultant Roger Stone, accused of lying in Congressional testimony and manipulating witnesses in connection with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, which elected the former home seller.

In his usual elaborate vocabulary, Trump considered the proposal of the four prosecutors “horrible and very unfair”, who, hours after the presidential tweet, resigned from office, in apparent protest for political interference.

Barr believes that “the time has come for the president to stop tweeting about Justice Department cases.”

However, the current position of the attorney general will have to withstand the hassle of passing the “Caesar’s wife” test. This is because, soon, Barr is expected to testify before Congress about the decision – allegedly under pressure from Trump – to reject what was proposed by his own prosecutors and suggest a lighter prison sentence for Stone, as well as on several charges. that his Justice Department leadership has “adjusted” the institution’s rules to Trump’s political interests.

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Barr had been refusing to appear before Congress for a year. But, with tweets or without tweets, the attorney general – who reports hierarchically to the White House – guarantees that the head of state “never” asked him to intervene, in any way, in a criminal case ” .

For his part, and more than predictably, Trump denies that the tweets about the consultant’s case – which included praise for Barr for halving the sentence ordered – presupposed political interference. “Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking on a case that was completely out of control,” he said at the time.

Still, in a kind of humorous hoax – on Twitter, of course – the president wrote that, “so far”, he has decided “not to interfere in a judicial process”, despite “having the legal right to do so”.

House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi, wearing the mandatory uniform of outrage, laments that Republicans do not “raise their voices” against the “aberration” that “constitutes this president’s interference in court decisions”.

Next Thursday, the sentence to be applied to Stone will be known.



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