Donald Trump puts pressure on electoral officials in Georgia by phone

Berlin/WashingtonIn an audio recording, which the Washington Post published on its online site on Sunday, it becomes clear how US President Donald Trump in a phone call urges the highest election commissioner in the state of Georgia to change the election result retrospectively. In the published conversation, US President Trump told the Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger: “I want to find 11,780 votes (…). Because we won the state. ”

According to the New York Times the phone call took place on Saturday and lasted about an hour. Donald Trump tried to change the election outcome in order to subsequently win Georgia’s 16 electorate on his side. The Washington Post published part of the conversation. As the call continued, the Republican refused to respond to Donald Trump’s requests. He said, “Well, the challenge is that the data you have is wrong.”

Donald Trump has objected, according to the Washington Post. He said the state of Georgia miscounted the vote count. Hundreds of thousands of votes were counted incorrectly, the president said. During the conversation, Donald Trump put his party colleague Brad Raffensperger under pressure. He said, “You know what they did. And you don’t report it. You know this is criminal. It is a crime. You know you can’t let that happen. It’s a risk. For you and Ryan, your lawyer. ”This was Ryan Germany, who is said to have been in Raffensperger’s room during the conversation.

Donald Trump confirmed on Twitter that he had held talks about the supposedly wrongly counted US election. The American Congress is due to confirm the US election on Wednesday. Donald Trump has been trying for weeks to subvert the outcome of the US presidential election and speaks of electoral fraud.


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