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DONALD TRUMP – Six months in jail for Chinese women who entered Trump’s club in Florida


A Chinese woman who entered without permission at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach (southeast Florida), where US President Donald Trump has his private residence, was sentenced to six months in jail this Friday for opposing resistance when she was arrested.

Judge Mark Eissey imposed sentence on Jing Lu, 56, who has been detained since last December 18, time that will be deducted from the penalty, according to court documents.

Last Wednesday, a jury declared Jing not guilty of having entered private property, because he considered that he did not commit a crime but a “mistake”, but, on the contrary, he declared her guilty of resisting detention.

Neither the president nor his family were in Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, a city about 100 kilometers north of Miami, the day Jing entered and dedicated himself to taking photographs until he was arrested.

In 2019, another Chinese citizen was arrested who illegally entered the president’s residence in southeast Florida.

In March of that year, Yujing Zhang was arrested after attempting to enter restricted access areas in Mar-a-Lago. The woman was found five cell phones, several memory cards, a laptop, a portable hard drive and an artifact capable of detecting hidden cameras.

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Last November she was sentenced to eight months in prison for violation of private property and making false statements to agents of the US Secret Service.

More recently, at the end of January, Hanna Roemhild, 30, an opera singer and resident in Connecticut (USA), was arrested for passing two security checks with her vehicle near the entrance to Mar-a-Lago and escaping of the police at full speed.

As his lawyers told the judge of the case last Friday, Roemhild has a history of mental problems and two experts consulted consider that she is not fit to be put on trial and must be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.



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