Donald Trump soon back in Florida: Neighbors are divided – “I’m afraid” – abroad

The countdown to the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new President of the United States is on: In Washington, the police and the National Guard are on high alert, while hearings of a number of Senate Ministers-elect are scheduled for Biden’s swearing in on Wednesday. Antony Blinken, Biden’s candidate for the Foreign Ministry, announced on Tuesday that he wanted to “revive” the alliances with alliance partners.

Biden and his wife Jill were expected in Washington from their hometown of Wilmington on Tuesday. Together with the future Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden wanted to give a speech on the corona crisis on the evening in front of the Lincoln Memorial, the fight against which he has made a priority of his presidency.

Washington has been like a fortress for several days

For fear of violence by radical supporters of the elected President Donald Trump, thousands of police officers and more than 20,000 national guards protect Biden’s swearing-in on Wednesday. According to information from the FBI, right-wing groups are planning to disrupt the inauguration and storm government facilities in all 50 states.

The FBI recently announced that National Guard units entering the city would also be checked for security reasons. After militant Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, it was found that some of those involved were currently or previously in the army.

A high metal fence was drawn around the congress building, and concrete barriers block streets in the city center. Authorities closed the entire National Mall – the long green strip between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, where hundreds of thousands of people used to gather for presidential inaugurations.

A large crowd is not expected this year because of the Corona crisis. Instead, the new US President and Vice President Harris look at nearly 200,000 US flags on the National Mall as they swear in.

Trump travels to Mar-a-Lago before inauguration

In the Senate, meanwhile, the hearings on the ministerial candidates of Biden should start on Tuesday. Excerpts from the speech of the designated Foreign Minister Blinken have already been published by his team in advance. Blinken heralds the return of the United States to a policy in common with the allies. Together with other states, the US is “in a much better position to counter the threats from Russia, Iran and North Korea,” it said. A departure from Trump’s “America First” policy is expected under Biden; Blinken is considered to be pro-European and an advocate of multilateralism.

In addition to Blinken, Biden’s candidate for Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, as well as Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary and Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary-designate should be heard by the Senate on Tuesday.

In view of the impeachment proceedings against the elected President Trump, Biden asked the Senate to spend part of the day with the process of his predecessor and to devote the rest of the time to the hearings of his cabinet members. Biden is concerned that Trump’s impeachment could cripple his start to the term of office.

It was quiet about Trump in his last days in office. As the first US president in more than 150 years, he does not want to come to the swearing-in of his successor, but instead fly straight to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Wednesday morning. To do this, he wants to fly one last time in the presidential aircraft, Air Force One, which will no longer be available to him from midday after Biden’s swearing-in. According to a report by the Bloomberg news agency, Trump is organizing a military farewell for himself with many invited guests.

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