Donald Trump speaks of election fraud in Wisconsin – and mobilizes millions for recount

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Donald Trump has so far been behind competitor Joe Biden in the recounting of votes in Georgia. Parts of Wisconsin are counting.

  • Donald Trump has the US election Lost in 2020 – according to the current status also in the state Georgia.
  • The result of the US election in Georgia was very close, now they will be right counted again by hand.
  • South Carolinas Senator Graham is said to be a senior official Georgias asked for the possibility valid votes to destroy.

+++ Update from Thursday, November 19, 2020, 04.15: The incumbent US-Präsident Donald Trump want in his attempt to find the result of US presidential election to tilt even some of the votes in State of Wisconsin count again. The president’s election campaign team transferred an amount of three million dollars for a partial recount, the state’s election commission announced on Wednesday (November 18, 2020). Trump still claims that the Election victory by fraudulent voting in favor of the challenger Joe Biden had been taken. His lawsuits against it have so far been almost entirely unsuccessful, as in Georgia.

Donald Trump does not give up: The US President continues to assume election fraud and is calling for recounts in various states. (Archive photo)

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The Trump side said it was about two districts. They were selected because there were most of the irregularities there, it said. Biden is vastly superior in both districts. It’s in Dane County Trump with over 260,185 votes to 78,800, in Milwaukee County with 317,270 votes to 134,357.

In the northern state Wisconsin sat down Demokrat Joe Biden with a lead of 20,470 votes, or 0.62 percent, over the Republican Trump by. The cost of a recount would only be borne by the state if the lead had been less than 0.25 percent. That’s why she had to Trump-Sending the money. A recount of all votes in the state would have cost Trump’s campaign team, according to authorities, $ 7.9 million.

Georgia: Pre-graduation review

Before the conclusion is the manual review of the votes in Georgia. There Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes before the recount began. During the inspection it was found that several thousand votes were not included in the results, said the state secretary responsible for holding elections Brad Raffensperger im News channel “CNN”. The cause was errors by employees in two districts ruled by Republicans. With them, Biden’s lead had shrunk to around 12,000 votes. Raffensperger also emphasized: “We saw no signs of widespread fraud.” The broadcaster Fox News according to 5600 votes counted were not included in the bill. Georgia wants to present the final results on Thursday.

Georgia: No evidence of rigged voting machines

+++ 2.00 p.m .: Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced on Tuesday (November 17, 2020) that a review of the voting machines in the US state has been completed and is in the process of being no evidence of electoral fraud could be determined. The incumbent US President Donald Trump was previously owned by Dominion Voting Systems, the manufacturer of the in the state Georgia used voting machines, accused of stealing 2.7 million voters: inside votes.

“We are glad, if not surprised, that the investigation of the voting machines was an unqualified success,” quotes the online newspaper “The Hill” the Republican Brad Raffensperger. The State Secretary of Georgia also said in a statement that the security of the elections had been a high priority since the beginning of his term in office.

Joe Biden leads the Georgia vote count.

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Brad Raffensperger assured that the cooperation of his administration with the “Department of Homeland Security”, the “Georgia Cyber Center“As well as countless technology and security experts in the US state led to the election in Georgia could be lawfully and safely carried out.

Joe Biden leads the countdown in Georgia – Donald Trump fires officials via Twitter

Update from November 18th, 2020, 7:00 a.m .: The incumbent US President Donald Trump sacked a key homeland security officer for making allegations about a alleged electoral fraud had publicly rejected. The head of the agency for cyber and infrastructure security, Chris Krebs, was dismissed “with immediate effect”, wrote Trump on Tuesday evening (local time) on Twitter. His statement that the presidential election had not been manipulated was “highly inaccurate,” said Trump.

There were “massive irregularities,” alleged Donald Trump. Among other things, the deceased had cast votes and voting machines had Trump votes for the Democrats Joe Biden struck, the Republican continued to claim. Twitter gave Trump’s fraud allegations a warning that the statements were “controversial”.

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in Georgia recount: Votes should be destroyed

+++ 10.45 p.m .: Gabriel Sterling, the representative of Georgia electoral authority declared on Tuesday (November 17th, 2020) that only around 300,000 of a total of almost 5 million voting slips would have to be checked by hand. Georgia is on a good schedule. The electoral authority announced that the counting should end on Wednesday (November 18th, 2020) and that the result should be verified by Friday at the latest.

Meanwhile, 29 counties are already reporting to the US state of Georgia to “CNN” that they had already completed the voting process and could not find any discrepancies with the previous results. The results of the recounting so far discredit the assumptions of President Donald Trump on the widespread fraud in the 2020 US election.

People celebrate US President-Elect Joe Biden. (Archive photo)

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Only in Floyd County was the recount 2,600 ballot papers not counted found. The constituency board re-counted any early votes that were found to be mismanaged, Sterling told CNN. By counting the forgotten votes, President Donald Trump Gain 778 additional votes – If the votes are more than 13,000 backwards Joe Biden rather a drop in the ocean.

US election 2020: Donald Trump’s confidante put pressure on election inspectors in Georgia

+++ 7.45 p.m .: After the defeat of the US President Donald Trump against Joe Biden in the state Georgia in the US election confidants of the incumbent president continue to put pressure on the election overseer there.

Brad Raffensperger, who is also Republican, stuck to his portrayal on Tuesday (November 17, 2020) on CBS, Senator Lindsey Graham suggested to him destroy valid ballot papers. It should invalidate those postal votes whose signatures did not match those in the electoral register. Raffensperger then explained to his party colleague that the ballot papers could not be linked to the corresponding envelope afterwards, since it was ultimately a secret election. Graham denied the allegations.

The US state Georgia leaves all votes cast in the presidential election new count by handto make sure the result is correct. So far holds Joe Biden there a lead of around 14,000 votes. The authorities do not currently assume that the result will change significantly as a result of the recount.

Call for a demo against the 2020 US election: “March for Trump” causes ridicule

Update from Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 12:45 p.m .: Supporters of Donald Trump call for a protest against the legitimate defeat of Trump in front of the Georgia state government in Atlanta this coming weekend. A graphic used for a “March for Trump“Is advertised, already causes a lot of ridicule.

Not only was the name of the state misspelled (“Georiga” instead of “Georgia“), The state is also colored blue in the graphic – the corporate color of the Democrats, their candidate Joe Biden the US election and the winner is. The Republicans are usually symbolized with the color red.

Initial report: Atlanta, Georgia – The state’s Republican Secretary of State Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, accuses his party colleague Lindsey Graham claim to have asked him directly about the possibility of the destruction of valid votes. Donald Trump currently has the election in the state just against Joe Biden lost, the votes are currently being counted again by hand.

2020 US election: Von Raffensperger indicted – Senator Graham defends himself

Graham holds a seat as a Senator in the US Congress for South Carolina and chairs the Justice Committee. He got in a conversation about the counting of the Voting votes in Georgia Raffensperger asked directly whether he had the power to invalidate those postal votes whose signatures did not match those in the electoral register. That reports Raffensperger in a conversation with the Washington Post. He understood Graham’s statement to mean that he was actively trying to find a way to exclude valid votes from the count.

Graham defends himself against the charge. As the “Guardian” reports he argues the conversation with Raffensperger not off, but emphasizes that he simply has more information about the electoral process in Georgia wanted to catch up. “I thought it would have been a good conversation,” said Graham on Monday (November 17, 2020) after the allegations became public. “I am surprised that he [Raffensperger, Anm. d. Red.] that characterizes the conversation. “

Raise allegations against his party colleague Lindsey Graham: Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

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2020 US election in Georgia: pressure from party colleagues – Raffensperger does not want to support Donald Trump

Since the charge, the Republican Raffensperger strongly criticized by party colleagues. Both Georgian senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are calling for his resignation. Congressman Doug Collins also intervenes Raffensperger for that Donald Trump not to assist in his illegitimate attempt to defeat in the US election annul and remain in power. Others too republican hold Trump continue the loyalty.

Raffensperger meanwhile insists that he would cast all legitimate doubts about the integrity of the election Georgia take seriously and examine. At the moment there is not enough evidence of manipulation of the election in the southwestern state. As Secretary of State, Graham is not as he is at the federal level Mike Pompeo, Foreign Minister under Donald Trumpbut with matters within Georgias entrusted. This includes, among other things, the supervision of elections. (Matthis Pechtold, Joel Schmidt)

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