Donald Trump stirs fear

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Donald Trump multiplied the dramatic accusations, Saturday, October 17, during meetings held successively in Michigan and Wisconsin. The outgoing president thus accused his Democratic opposition of wanting ” erase american history “And” purge American values ».

Describing Democrats as ” anti-American radicals “, He estimated that the moderates have” a moral duty To join the Republican Party. ” The Democratic Party you once knew no longer exists “, He added, assuring in hyperbolic terms that the election of his opponent Joe Biden would cause” the greatest depression in our country’s history “And” would make Michigan a refugee camp ».

He added about the health crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic that the former vice-president ” shut down the country, delay the vaccine and prolong the pandemic If he entered the White House. “Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and the Biden family is a criminal enterprise”, he said. “He’s a criminal” who “Constitutes a risk to national security”, a assuré Donald Trump.

This aggressiveness did not spare Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whom he strongly criticized in the spring for his management of the epidemic. Federal police recently exposed a plot by far-right members to kidnap her. Qualifying the elected “Dishonest” and criticizing once again the measures taken to stem the spread of the virus, the president booed the elected by his followers who chanted ” ill-la! ». « Lock them all up », a commenté Donald Trump.

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The governor, popular in her state, reacted on Twitter, denouncing “The very kind of rhetoric that has endangered the lives of my family, mine and the lives of other government officials [du Michigan] as we try to save the lives of our compatriots ”. Lee Chatfield, le « speaker » Republican of the Michigan House of Representatives, also reacted through the social network by denouncing the chants. ” Let’s debate. Let’s win an election. But not that », He lamented.

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