Donald Trump, US President and “climate arsonist”

In a nutshell, US President Donald Trump has dismissed all studies highlighting the disastrous consequences of global warming, saying instead that the cooling was for… soon.

The whole world already knew the climate skepticism posted and assumed from the current tenant of the White House. From juin 2017, Donald Trump had confirmed the withdrawal of United States of the Paris climate agreement. For the American billionaire, global warming is and remains only a theory, in which he does not believe. His recent remarks have aroused the indignation of his political opponents.

“It will eventually cool off”, obvious for Donald Trump

The West Coast of the United States is ravaged by unprecedented fires, which have already destroyed nearly two million hectares of forest and are at the origin of 35 deaths. The American president began by explaining these fires by the very poor management of forests by the states concerned (Washington, Oregon and California). The Californian governor then responded very quickly, inviting Donald Trump to come and see in person the effects of this global warming, even going so far as to qualify as “ideological stupidity“any attempt to deny this reality.

The host of the White House therefore moved to California. And when an official from the natural resources protection agency explained to him the consequences of this climate change, the president replied quite naturally: ” It will eventually cool down “. In a few words, Donald Trump swept away all scientific studies on the subject by trying to impose his “optimism”. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate immediately accused the American president of being a real “climate arsonist”. The American environmentalists but also of all the other countries of the world rebelled, stressing that no individual, however powerful, could challenge the scientific conclusions of countless studies. An argument that the candidate for his own re-election had already imagined, since he had declared during his trip to California:

“I don’t think science really knows”

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