Donald Trump, worst loser of all time

Almost two weeks after the November 3 election, Donald Trump still refuses to acknowledge his defeat to Joe Biden. The American press is sketching out avenues for understanding his attitude and giving advice on how to better push him outside.

Will leave? Will not leave? On November 15, Donald Trump was able to fleetingly give the impression on Twitter of having realized that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, had won the presidential election, underlines the Los Angeles Times.

But it was to better retract, a few hours later, via a tweet declaring: “He only won in the eyes of the MEDIA which spreads FAKE NEWS. I will not concede ANYTHING. We have a long road ahead of us. This election WAS FILED. ”

What to make say to the chronicler of New York Times, Charles Blow, que “Trump is the worst loser of all time”.

Donald Trump lost the election. He knows it. But he’s not going to admit it, explains the columnist, he hopes and still believes that there is a chance that his legal remedies can overturn enough votes to overturn the election results in their favor. It will not happen”, hit the New York Times.

But one thing is certain, the current tenant of the White House will do nothing to ensure an orderly transfer of power, “He will do all he can not to assume the posture of the one who has lost”.

Enduring denial

In a second article devoted to Trump’s inability to admit defeat, the New York Times list the comparisons


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