Donald Trump: “You better vote for me, Puerto Rico”

Washington D.C. – President Donald Trump He highlighted tonight in Sanford – in central Florida – the support he received from Governor Wanda Vázquez and other Puerto Rican leaders, as part of his first event outside of the White House after being diagnosed with the coronavirus 11 days ago.

“I will always fight for Puerto Rico,” said President Trump, noting that the federal government has allocated over $ 60 billion to mitigate the catastrophe caused by Hurricane Maria, although only about a third of the funds have been disbursed.

Twenty-two days before the elections, Trump promised again that he will boost investment by pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico, but at the same time said that he will do the same with other jurisdictions such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. When he spoke of assignments to the Island, he immediately said that he also attends Florida.

Trump mentioned that Governor Vázquez Garced, who has become his main ally on the island, was going to be present at the event he originally scheduled for Sanford, which should have taken place on October 2 but was suspended after testing positive for the coronavirus.

A few days ago I had the honor of receiving the support of the Governor of Puerto Rico. Can you believe that? Wanda Vázquez Garced … “said Trump, before repeating that “It is the best thing that has happened to Puerto Rico” and that he hopes that Puerto Rico, whose residents do not participate in the US electoral college, will vote for him.

“You’d better vote for me, Puerto Rico,” said Trump, although, as is evident, the island’s residents do not have the right to vote for the president of the United States. In the 2016 presidential primaries, Trump only got 13% support on the island.

Soon after, although it was a confusing part of his message, Trump also referred to Puerto Rico as a country.

After the event, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, Giancarlo Sopo, affirmed that the president “asked the Puerto Ricans in Florida to vote for him” and that he is clear that “Puerto Ricans are Americans.”

Among the Puerto Ricans who support him, Trump made reference in his message to the Puerto Rican doctor Leo Valentin, who seeks to unseat the Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (Florida) in the 7th district of Florida.

When Trump was still on his way to Florida, the official White House doctor, Sean Conley, reported that the president had tested negative for the coronavirus in rapid tests that have been done on consecutive days, without providing the dates.

According to C-SPAN images, a large part of the attendees, including politicians who attended the event, did not wear masks. Trump also did not wear a mask. In his speech, Trump recognized Florida Governor Ron de Santis for removing restrictions on the number of people who can be in business.

“The remedy cannot be worse than the disease,” he said, insisting that he is recovered from the coronavirus and offering to kiss men and “beautiful women.”

Trump also insisted that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, as a senator, voted to repeal section 936 of the federal Internal Revenue Code, a measure that was approved in a Republican Congress and later signed by President Bill Clinton.

The same night he announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus – a disease that had him hospitalized for three days – President Trump reiterated his rejection of statehood for Puerto Rico.

Following the suspension of the event on October 2, Governor Vázquez Garced officially announced in the United States her support for Trump, who has just appointed Justin Peterson, whose company DCI Group represented bondholders, as a member of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF). of general obligations.

In a message on Saturday at Central Christian University, former Vice President Michael Pence also highlighted the support Trump received from Governor Vázquez Garced, who will step down on January 2 after losing the New Party candidacy for governor in June. Progressive (PNP). Pence also referred to the island’s residents as having the right to vote for the president.

“This week the governor of Puerto Rico asked the people in that territory to vote for the person who has helped Puerto Rico in its moments of greatest difficulty. She said very clearly that ‘that’s Donald Trump.’ She thanked the president for rebuilding Puerto Rico not with words but with actions. She said that thanks to the leadership of the president, the manufacturing industry revives on the island. China is fired, Puerto Rico is hired, “said Pence at an event organized by Latinos for Trump.

Although Vázquez Garced has wanted to join the efforts in favor of Trump’s re-election, the resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, recently said that because the president reaffirmed his rejection of statehood, he will not campaign for the tenant of the White House . González, however, continues to back him.

La Fortaleza has not responded if the governor was invited to the event tonight, which took place in a town in an area of ​​central Florida that is only half an hour from Orlando, the epicenter of the Puerto Rican diaspora, whose electoral strength may be decisive in the most important pendulum state of these elections.

For the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, Trump brought Sanford “reckless behavior, divisive rhetoric and more fear.”

But it is also just as dangerous what he does not bring on his trip: he does not have a plan to control this virus that has killed more than 15,000 Floridians, he does not have a plan to protect Floridians’ health care from attacks by his administration. It is against the Affordable Care Act and definitely does not come up with a plan to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic on working families in Central Florida, ”added Biden.

More than 215,000 people have died in the United States from COVID-19.

Democrats have warned that only about a third of the federal assistance promised to the Island to mitigate the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has been disbursed and that President Trump and Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have allocated over $ 4,000 million to the Island to attend the recent earthquakes.

Although the White House highlights its intention to encourage manufacturing in Puerto Rico, the bills promoted by the Island’s politicians, including Commissioner González, to promote new investment in Puerto Rican soil by pharmaceutical and product companies have not been pushed forward. doctors.

Biden is scheduled to return to Florida tomorrow for events in Broward County.

After being hospitalized and requiring artificial respiration twice, Trump held his first public activity Saturday at the White House, an event that his aides described as a government event but which had all the makings of a political rally.


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