Donald Trump’s cameo in Mom, I missed the plane again! explained by the director

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Nikita Martynov. Sputnik France

Mom’s film crew, I missed the plane again! had to agree to have Donald Trump appear in a scene because it was a condition imposed to be able to film in the Plaza Hotel, the director said in an interview with Insider.

Donald Trump did a cameo in Mom, I missed the plane again! thanks to an ultimatum to the film crew, Chris Columbus, director of the 1992 film, said in a Nov. 12 interview with Insider.

“The only way you can use the Plaza is if I’m in the movie,” he told Columbus.

A scene appreciated by the public

This condition was met, the Plaza Hotel then owned by Trump. The scene was even kept because the public had appreciated it during the projection test.

“But he really fought to find himself in the film,” the director concluded with the media.

Besides Mom, I missed the plane again !, Trump has appeared in 90s films such as The Associate, Les Chenapans, Zoolander, Love Without Notice, Eddie, in the series Sex in the City, The Prince of Bel Air, The Job, Suddenly Susan, Spin City and Une nanny d’enfer.


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