Donald Trump’s supporters denounce in Washington the “theft” of the presidential election

The organizers had promised a human tide and White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany believed to see more than a million followers of Donald Trump in a Washington plaza that would have been hard pressed to welcome him. The crowd that gathered Saturday, November 14 in the Freedom Plaza in the federal capital before marching to the Supreme Court of the United States turned out to be much smaller, undoubtedly less than twenty thousand people. For the Trumpist militants, mostly unmasked, it was a question of expressing both their support for the president and of denouncing the « vol » of a presidential election won by Democrat Joe Biden, which Donald Trump refuses for the moment to recognize.

New Jersey native Margaret Van Glahn had never attended a similar gathering before. “But this time around, I thought it was important that he felt that we are with him, he has done so much for the country. He’s arguably one of the greatest presidents in the country, he really cares about Americans, people like you and me ”, she assures while she waits for the start of the march near a large banner bearing the slogan of the day: “Stop the theft. “ “We are here because we are worried, our freedom is at stake”, adds her husband, Richard.

“Disappointed” of the result, convinced “That we have not allowed” à Donald Trump ” to win “Margaret, however, cautiously expresses her reservations about the November 3 vote. “As long as we have not checked the votes, we will not know” who won the presidential election, she said before mentioning the accusations leveled by the president against a vote counting system. This system, Dominion, is accused of having erased more than two million ballots in its favor.

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No evidence of electoral fraud

The competent federal agency, under the authority of Donald Trump, has denied any electoral fraud, but suspicions are growing on many signs. The one brandished by Claudia Cresta, from California, ensures that Donald Trump won by ” a tsunami “. “They think we are stupid, we know what they did, it’s criminal, disgusting, that’s enough! “, she launches with elation to the attention of Democrats.

The legal proceedings opened to contest the results may turn out for the moment to the disadvantage of Donald Trump, the latter achieved his objective by casting doubt on the sincerity of the vote. “The dead have voted, people have voted twice, there are lots of things that are wrong”, assures with vivacity Sue Pickens, arrived the day before from Florida with her companion, Nathan Cross. Voluble, she reports the testimony of friends living in the State of Rhode Island, witnesses according to her to cheating.

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