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The national team athletes Ronja Fini Sturm and Carlotta Nwajide launched the “Ruderwald” project to promote more climate protection. The aim is to make a contribution against the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the flights to training camps, to competitions and especially to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

At the joint meeting of the Presidium and State Council in mid-September, a four-digit amount has already been donated. We would be happy if you also deal with the topic and make your contribution. The project is presented in detail below:

What is the rowing forest?
Of the Ruderwald is created in the reforestation project of Member-Forests des WWFs in Kenya and is implemented by Sports for Future. We want to make a contribution against the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the flights to training camps, to competitions and especially to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The donations come from us rowers: inside the rowing national team. However, everyone donates voluntarily and at their own discretion. We also want to invite other rowers, sports fans and interested parties to donate as well. Furthermore, the rowing forest should offer all rowers: inside and outside of the national rowing team, the opportunity to get involved directly in an environmental protection project and, for example, to “compensate” for their own air travel and thus to let the rowing forest grow.

Our motivation
Forest reforestation projects alone will not solve the climate crisis. This requires a transformation across society as a whole. Our goal is to use the “Ruderwald” to draw attention to the climate crisis. As a society we need a rethink at all levels, also in sport – or especially in sport. As a national rowing team, we have an enormously high CO2 footprint – among other things due to regular air travel to international competitions and training camps. In the Olympic season 2021 there are many oars: only their flights inside are above the German average of 10 tons of CO2 emissions. The return flight to the Olympic Games in Tokyo alone emits around 6 tons of CO2.

We therefore want to make a contribution to reducing the effects of the high greenhouse gas emissions from our flights. That is why we want to donate money to the reforestation project of the Chepalungu forest in Kenya in order to bind greenhouse gases through newly planted trees. We are aware that we cannot compensate for the great ecological damage caused by the flights with the donations, but we want to live up to our role model function as competitive athletes and use our reach to motivate people to work for the preservation of a planet worth living in. Through the project, we want to ensure that rowers deal with the issues of the climate crisis and environmental protection and gain access to them. It would be nice if we stimulate discussions through the rowing forest and thereby initiate further projects in the rowing clubs (e.g. switching to an ecological electricity provider, installing photovoltaic systems on our own roofs or switching to electric motors for motor boats).

The initiators:
We, Carlotta and Fini, are the initiators of the “Ruderwald” project and we are both committed to climate protection outside of sport. As a national rowing team, we want to join the great Sports for Future movement ( with the Sport4Trees campaign ( to motivate in sport and beyond, for awareness and engagement in climate protection. Join the Sports for Future movement too!

It is important for us to emphasize that we are all committed to adequate climate policy and can demand it (e.g. by taking to the streets during climate strikes), even if we do not behave perfectly in everyday life and e.g. in training camps / competitions or in Vacation flying. Do not be afraid to stand up for effective climate protection in your environment!

How you can participate in the Ruderwald:

1. Donate yourself – via PayPal at this link.

or via these bank details:

Volksbank Lohne-Mühlen eG
Sports for Future e.V.
IBAN DE94 2806 2560 0007 1129 00
Purpose: rowing forest

The donations to the non-profit association Sports for Future are tax-deductible and go directly to the project on site (up to a donation amount of € 200, a transfer receipt is sufficient as a donation receipt).

Guarantee: 100% of the donations via Sports4Trees flow directly into the projects!

2. Spread the Ruderwald project idea in your club, in your families and with your friends and motivate them to join as well. You are welcome to use this text document and if you need further materials, please contact us at any time!

3. Become part of Sports for Future e.V., signed the opinion and let’s work together as athletes against the climate crisis

4. Help grow the rowing forest and the “Sports for Future” movement by following @sportsforfuture on social media and sharing the posts

We appreciate your support!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or us directly: [email protected] or [email protected]


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