donates $300 to flush vodka down the toilet (VIDEOS)

They protest in bars against Russia and decide to throw vodka down the drain.

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They protest in bars against Russia and decide to throw vodka down the drain.

A customer at a Las Vegas pizzeria donated $300 to flush Russian vodka down the toilet, with the money going to support Ukrainians.

And it is that before the military invasion of Ukraine American and Canadian citizens made the decision to throw vodka down the drain What protest against russia.

In this way, some sectors are expressing their solidarity with the people of Ukraine that was suffering from the Russian military incursion, since last Wednesday.

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Protests against Russia

AND protests have been registered in several countries over Russia’s incursion into Ukrainebut another way that people have found to express their rejection of the attacks is to pour vodka down the drain.

And it is that vodka is the Russian national drink, and in these moments of crisis, people and bar owners have decided to discard it to protest against the regime of President Vladimir Putin.

They throw vodka down the drain

Videos circulate on social networks where people are seen uncovering vodka bottles and throwing the drink into the drains.

One of them is Bill McCormikfrom the restaurant Pine Tavernon Oregonwho declared his repudiation of the Putin regime, for which he indicated that he will not sell more vodka.

also the store Southern Spirits He expressed his rejection of the invasion of Ukraine and announced that they will not acquire more vodka from Russia, that they will only sell the product they have in stock.

And that in their new purchases will include Kozak vodka, originally from Ukraine.

“Due to current Russian actions we will not be promoting Russian products at this time. We will sell the inventory we currently have. Instead, we will continue to promote and market Kozak, which is an exceptional vodka from Ukraine. Thank you for your understanding”, highlights the store on its Facebook page.

Canadians joined the protests, echoing and throwing vodka down the sewers.

“The Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, along with other liquor jurisdictions across Canada, has made the decision to remove Russian-origin products from its shelves. These include Russian Standard Vodka and Russian Standard Platinum Vodka.

He paid $300 to flush vodka down the toilet.

Even a customer of the Evel Pie pizzeria in Las Vegas donated $300 so that an employee of the place will flush the contents of a bottle of vodka down the toilet, and the money will go to the Ukrainian people.

It was quite an event in the place, that several of the attendees even took a video that they later published on social networks.

“A customer donated $300 to flush a bottle of Russian vodka down the toilet. The money will be donated to help Ukrainians in their efforts to defend their homes”, highlights the message posted on the account of Facebook de Evel Pie.

The owners of the establishment also joined in flushing Russian vodka down the toilet and the image is featured on their Facebook cover.

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