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Campus für Christus eV is an internationally active organization, the use of which is financed exclusively by donations.

Bank details:

Campus for Christ e. V.
Account number: 5016 8808
Volksbank Mittelhessen, BLZ 513 90000
IBAN: DE30 5139 0000 0050 1688 08

Donation receipt

Campus für Christus eV (tax number 020 250 52110) pursues exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code. The purpose of the association is the promotion of the Christian religion, the promotion of science and research and the promotion of charitable purposes. The purpose is also the promotion of corporations abroad to carry out charitable purposes according to §§ 52 and 53 AO.

Your donation is deductible from wage or income tax. At the beginning of the following year you will receive a donation confirmation with a list of your donations. Immediate delivery after receipt of a donation is also possible at any time on request. For amounts up to 200 euros, a copy of the account statement is sufficient for the tax return.

Use of funds / data protection

We assure you that we will use the donation amount in accordance with the statutes. We have committed ourselves to adhere to the “Principles for the Use of Donations” recommended by the German Evangelical Alliance. These are on the website or via this Link electronically available.

If we receive more donations than necessary for a specific purpose, we will, with your consent, use them for another purpose. Our annual financial statements are checked by an auditor or tax advisor within six months.

Links to other websites

The websites of the donation shop CAMPUS FOR CHRIST may contain links to other websites. CAMPUS FÜR CHRIST has no influence on the editorial content of external websites and on whether their operators comply with data protection regulations.

Donation seal

CAMPUS FOR CHRIST has the donation check certificate from the German Evangelical Alliance. The award of the test certificate makes it clear to the donor and the public that this institution has been fully certified to comply with the principles for the use of donated funds.

Works and institutions that have accepted the principles for the use of donations of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Missions (AEM), the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA) and the netzwerk-m (formerly RMJ) as a voluntary commitment and whose non-profit status is recognized by the tax authorities apply for a test certificate awarded by the German Evangelical Alliance.

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