Donations for the women’s refuge and the International Cafè Peine

The dm drugstore in Peiner City had a great success with its Advent campaign. More than 80 gift bags and a check for 150 euros have now been handed over to the International Cafè (INCA) in Peine.

The volunteers Janine Bögershausen and Stefan Schlotz accepted the donation. “At the moment INCA, which usually takes place every Friday afternoon in the parish hall of the Friedenskirche, has to pause due to the corona, but we wanted to give the children a little joy in Advent. It’s great that dm thought of us, ”said the two happily.

Donating DM is an affair of the heart

For branch manager Isabel Ibe and her deputy Jasmin Weichert, helping is an affair of the heart. In autumn they had already supported the “Late Social Breakfast” project run by the St. Johannis parish on Telgte with a large donation.

“We are happy when our support arrives where it is needed and will definitely visit both projects once after Corona,” both said in conclusion.

Christmas surprise from the team of the Friedenskirche clothing store

The team from the clothing store of the Friedenskirchen community prepared a Christmas surprise for the children who live with their mothers in the facility of the women’s shelter in Pein.

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“We collect toys every year and look for a place where we can donate them,” reports Astrid Dieler, who works together with Diana Andrzejczak and Kathi Schlüter on a voluntary basis in the clothing store.

This belongs to the Friedenskirche Peine and is housed in the basement of the rectory on Eichendorffstrasse. After many refugees from the Balkans and Syria moved in, the small “closet with a heart”, as the dedicated women call it, was built around five years ago.

Donation of toy vouchers goes to children in the women’s shelter in Peine

A member of the Friedensgemeinde recently donated a voucher for “Eulies Spielwaren” in Peine worth 1000 euros. “In order to redeem this, we wanted to consider the women’s refuge in Pein and the children of four single parents this year,” explains Astrid Dieler. “The kids wanted the presents, and in consultation with the adults, we made their wishes come true and bought the toys from Eulies.”

In good time before Christmas, the volunteers brought the gifts to the women’s refuge and the other families. “We would like to thank the donor very much,” says the team from the clothing store.


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