Sport Doncic in front of Cristiano: «When I met him...

Doncic in front of Cristiano: «When I met him I was 16 years old and I couldn’t even speak»


Real Madrid is amazed day by day, not surprised, with the madridismo of Luka Doncic, the boy who came to the club very young and became a world basketball star, a figure in the NBA. It is not surprising because he left evidence of his Real Madridism from the first day they contacted Doncic when he was a kid.

Doncic proclaims his Madridism every time he speaks. Send messages and talk to Florentino Pérez almost every day, contact his former colleagues and find out about all his football and basketball games, he sees them whenever he can. And when he comes to Madrid, he goes to the Bernabéu to watch the matches of his former teammates.

Doncic contacts Florentino Pérez periodically and maintains communication with his former teammates, watches Real Madrid soccer and basketball matches whenever he can and as soon as he has traveled to Madrid he has gone to the Bernabéu and to witness the matches of his former teammates in the basket

The Slovenian always shows his madridismo constantly. The Mavericks player wanted to be a footballer first and was already watching the Madrid club’s games on television. In 2012 he signed for the White House, but as a basketball player: “I have always been from Real Madrid (like Valverde), I have always seen their games and I have always liked them,” says the Slovenian.

As a child I played soccer for center forward and wanted to be a member of the Madrid team: “I was a kind of Ibrahimovic. Then basketball was his art. And he triumphed in his beloved club as a player on the field, until he earned a place in the NBA and looked his own light with a blatant youth.

There, in the NBA, he proclaims his madridismo. And he recalls the day he met Cristiano Ronaldo: «He was 16 years old when I met him and he was so nervous that he couldn’t even speak. I did not say anything. Now I would ask you to let me take a ride in one of your cars.

Real Madrid will be Doncic’s future home, whenever. Florentino Pérez receives his messages and calls periodically and also contacts him: “He is a great Real Madrid player, he is interested in everything we do every week.” .


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