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Sports Center/Reported by Zhou Menghan

Taiwanese Taekwondo female player Luo Jialing, in a 57kg bronze medal match in women’s judo this evening (25), against 29-year-old Tekiath Ben Yessouf from Nigeria, the two-person match was once stuck. In the end, Luo Jialing scored 10: 6 Defeated the opponent and won, and won the second medal for Taiwan. At the same time, Luo Jialing will also receive 5 million yuan from Guoguangjin, but she suspected that she did not know there was a bonus, and laughed and said, “Oh, really? I don’t know that there is such a bonus. Yeah!” The look is super cute.

Taiwan’s Taekwondo female athlete Luo Jialing made her debut in the Olympic hall and won the bronze medal all the way through. (Photo/Provided by Sports Department)

Luo Jialing, who is 183 cm tall, entered the Olympic hall for the first time this year. Originally, she didn’t have much thoughts about the Olympics and just wanted to enjoy the game, but she didn’t expect that she passed the game all the way, won 2 games in a row and won the bronze medal. Seeing this result, in fact, She was very surprised; and after winning the card, she didn’t seem to know that she could get the 5 million Guoguang bonus, and shouted “I don’t know yeah!” The cute response was in super cute contrast with the calm and serious appearance on the court.

Dongao/Luo Jialing won the bronze medal
Luo Jialing’s lovely reaction is in super cute contrast with the calm and serious appearance on the field. (Picture/Rewind from IG chia__ling_)

According to the “Guoguang Sports Medal and Scholarship Awarding Measures”, the Olympic Games are a type of competition. As long as Chinese players successfully advance to the top four, the prize money will start from NT$3 million. The fourth place will receive 3 million yuan, the third place bronze medal will receive 5 million yuan, the second silver medal will receive 7 million yuan, and the first place gold medal will be as high as 20 million. Players can decide for themselves whether they want to receive it once or every month. In Luo Jialing’s situation, if he chooses to receive monthly, he can get NT$24,000 per month.

Dongao/Luo Jialing won the bronze medal
Luo Jialing has been exposed to Taekwondo since kindergarten. (Photo/Provided by Sports Department)

Luo Jialing was born in the “Taekwondo Family”. His father Luo Wenxiang is a Taekwondo coach, and his brother Luo Yucheng is also a player. Luo Jialing has been practicing with his father since kindergarten, and his father also treats the same in training. There is no need to train because he is a daughter. Plus Luo Jialing The requirements for herself are also very high. Such a serious personality also allowed her to pass through all the way on the road of taekwondo, and finally won the bronze medal in the Olympics to win glory for the country.

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