Donia Batma disappoints her audience in the dress of the girls of the night and celebrates an evening in a cabaret

2023-05-28 23:01:23

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Again, I was exposed Moroccan singer Donia Butma, to attack and sharp criticism from her followers, because of her dress, in which she celebrated a special night in one of the cabarets.

The singer had announced via the Al-Astori feature InstagramAll tickets for this concert are sold out.

Donia wore a bright green dress, similar to disco costumes, and wore contact lenses of the same color.

But her clothes and a party in a night club, which her followers described as “the bar”, exposed her to criticism and attack.

Donia Butma has different features, and the audience likens her to Nadine Nassib Njeim

Recently, the singer sparked a lot of controversy on social media after her last appearance.

Batma appeared to be wearing a white caftan, and her features were very similar to those of the Lebanese actress, Nadine Nassib Njeim, according to the observers.

I condemn Nassib Njeim

The public believes that minimal plastic surgery and filler and Botox injections make her features change from time to time.

The singer became the talk of the public recently, after her divorce from her husband, Bahraini producer Mohammed Al-Turk, and her decision to enter the world of film acting with her sister and veteran actor Aziz Dadas.

Donia always raises controversy with her various appearances, in which she appears with new features or strange clothes.

Recently, she showed off her look with shoes that the public called strange.

She also appeared to be wearing an abaya in summer colors with a slashed shoulder design, and she completed the look with shoes, based on cut-out patterns and very long.

The public and followers reported that the shoes did not fit the design of the abaya.

Batma separated from her husband, the Bahraini producer, Mohammed Al-Turk, after many disputes and accusations between the two. It is clear that Dunia was the one who obtained custody of her children.

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