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How did a good wedding become like this? When a couple in Henan, China got married, they broke up because of the “getting off ceremony”. The man promised to pay 90,000 yuan (about NT$380,000), but regretted it drastically reduced to 10,000 yuan (about New Taiwan dollars). NT$43,000), the bride was extremely disappointed, and she burst into tears and said, “This marriage is over, let’s drive away!”

▲When a couple in Henan, China got married, they broke up because of the “get off ceremony”. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

“North Night New Vision” reported that a very embarrassing scene appeared during the wedding ceremony of the couple. When the float arrived at the door of the groom’s house, the bride holding the boy was reluctant to get out of the car and cried that the two had already booked. The get-off gift is 90,000 yuan, which represents a long time, but suddenly she regretted it and was only willing to pay 10,000 yuan, so she refused to get off the car to continue the wedding process.

At this time, the groom’s relatives urged the bride to get out of the car quickly, saying bluntly, “It’s embarrassing for grandma not to get out of the car in front of everyone.” As a result, the bride burst into tears again, yelling that before getting married, they said nothing. They hoped that the wedding would be simplified and listened to. The number of get-off gifts was agreed by everyone, but when they arrived at the door, they changed, “Now it’s the get-off ceremony. I won’t get out of the car if I lose one point.” In the end, the groom was unwilling to give more “get off gifts” to the bride and did not give in. In the end, he drove away and the wedding was cancelled.

It is understood that the two have been dating for 3 years, and the child in their hands is their newborn son. The groom’s father is a middle school teacher, his mother runs a baby care product store, and the groom works as a fitness coach after graduating from college. , A monthly salary of about 6000 (about 25000 Taiwan dollars).

When the two families were talking about marriage, the parents of the groom had already bought a wedding house for the new couple. With the addition of decoration and other expenses, the old fund was almost used up. Therefore, the family members of the groom thought that the “getting off ceremony” was just a ceremony. The package was 10,000 yuan, but the other party refused to get out of the car after saying anything, leaving the groom’s family disheartened.

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