Don’t let it happen: the reasons why Avianca did not allow a passenger with a cast to travel in Bogotá

In the image, a plane of the Avianca airline. EFE / MARCELO SAYÃO / Archive

A woman denounced through her Instagram account that the Avianca airline did not let her travel with her son with a disability because A medical certificate was necessary to justify the cast that the young man was wearing on one of his legs. The woman indicated that the flight was going from Bogotá to Armenia (Quindío).

Tamayo pointed out that they had never had such a document, however, he had to get off the plane to acquire it, missing the flight. Avianca, for its part and consulted by Caracol Radio, indicated that it was given a compensation bonus and he apologized to the woman, although it is necessary to upload the document because when they are casts for surgery, there are risks.

The certificate requested by the airline was to verify that the young man could travel and what his procedure was about and this had to be issued by a doctor because “there is a risk of swelling after the cast is placed, and when it is an important height it is possible that its circulation could be affected ”, according to affirmed a source consulted by Pulzo.

In the Avianca measurements published on its website, it is recommended to travel days after the procedure to avoid problems.

Avianca will donate vaccines

The airline joined the private initiatives on the night of this Friday, August 27 that donate doses of the Sinovac vaccine against covid-19 to the national government, in the midst of the shortage of second injections of that biological that exists in the country.

Renato Covelo, Chief People and Talent Officer of the company, announced that a total of 6,000 doses will be added to join the 230,000 donated in recent days by the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (Andi).

“After making a significant investment to consider vaccination critical in a company of Avianca’s nature and taking into account that vaccination of all our people in the country is guaranteed, we have expressed to the Ministry of Health our intention to cede of these doses are free ”, said the executive.

Likewise, he acknowledged that this gesture can be allowed taking into account that they have already managed to immunize at least 85% of the human talent it has in Colombia, while the rest already have their doses assured with a reserved batch, apart from the 6,000 that will be delivered to the national government.

The announcement comes two days after Andi confirmed a similar decision. “The National Government expects that at the end of September they will arrive in the country two million doses of Sinovac acquired through Covax multilateral mechanism and it has asked Andi to provide the doses required by the territorial entities as a loan, ”the union stated in an official statement.

Therefore, taking into account that the restitution of biologicals by the State would take place in September, a couple of provisions are already being studied to comply with the timely immunization of Colombians: “We are evaluating with the National Government legal mechanisms to help to overcome this contingency, by implementing two strategies namely; (i) the temporary loan of the vaccines and (ii) the donation by the companies, which have expressed their intention to transfer their surpluses to the National Vaccination Plan ”.


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