Don’t let the cold stop you! Tips to keep exercising in winter

Write down the benefits

What better way to encourage us to get going also in winter than knowing the benefits that our body has with physical activity in low temperatures? The expert summarizes them in the following:

– The improvement of our immune system, Now more than ever it is essential as we are going to improve and strengthen our health against a possible contagion of covid-19 or any other disease.

– We will have higher levels of hydration. In the cold we will not sweat so much, but we cannot stop drinking water during our training.

– Obviously, we will earn higher performance, improving physical condition and increasing heart capacity or muscle mass.

– We will have a increased calorie burnSince energy expenditure is higher, metabolic activity is accelerated so that cells increase their energy consumption and transform it into heat, accelerating the process of burning fat.

– You will increase your vitamin D levels, It is a good reason to go out to do your sport or training under sunlight, since it is scarce in winter.

– You will see how your emotional state, because sports practice helps us to release accumulated stress generating endorphins and a feeling of well-being.


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