“Don’t listen to the rest: the player Boston really wants is him”

Back in the heights of the Eastern Conference, the Celtics could be tempted to strengthen their workforce at the dawn of the playoffs. According to a former member of the house, the leaders would already have a very specific name in mind to support Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown!

Everything is going really fast in the Eastern Conference this season! Some time ago, the Celtics seemed on the verge of crisis with a negative balance sheet and especially many concerns in the game. Kemba Walker’s attitude, for example, was at the center of all criticism among supporters …

Only voila, after 4 consecutive victories before the Break, Boston is back in 4th place in the standings and the hope of finding the conference final is reborn. Even if for this it will probably be necessary to strengthen the roster to support the two All-Stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Danny Ainge himself admitted that the workforce was not cut out for the title, then he could be very active before the trade deadline. And according to legend Brian Scalabrine, now a consultant, a player would be on the franchise’s radar. He’s a veteran who knows how to win titles.

The Celtics want Harrison Barnes because they think he’s the kind of player who can come to Boston and make a difference. All the rumors that they’re talking with Detroit or Orlando, it’s just to get Sacramento rushing in and the executives looking at what they can get for Barnes. Don’t listen to the rest: the player Boston really wants is him.

Harrison Barnes would indeed bring the experience the Celtics lack at times. With 16.7 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists per game, and especially nearly 40% success behind the arc, the former Warrior would become a real safety valve for Brad Stevens, which is never too much in the playoffs ! Its price might be quite high in the market, but the success is well worth it!

If the Celtics want to look good against the Sixers and Nets, they’re going to have to get stronger quickly. Harrison Barnes has the experience and the talent to integrate quickly into the squad!

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