Don’t put books in the microwave for coronavirus, the US library asks

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Library Regional Manager Elizabeth Guarin Kozlowicz thinks the burnt pages are related to coronavirus. “I really don’t know why anyone did that,” she told CNN. She also published a post and pictures of the book on Facebook. In it, she wrote that each book in the rental shop had a metal tag used for radio-frequency identification, and added that it would start burning in the microwave.

But how can we be sure that we do not have a coronavirus on our books? The Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has previously organized an online seminar on this topic. The guest was the epidemiologist of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC David Berendes. According to him, people do not have to be stressed by figuring out ways to disinfect these materials. “If there is a virus on them, it would be there in very small quantities and would disappear relatively quickly,” he said.

According to Kozlowicz, American libraries have also introduced their own anti-coronavirus measures. “We follow CDC guidelines to ensure proper hygiene for shared materials from the library. After returning each book, we will quarantine it for 72 hours,” she added.


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