“Don’t shoot me, officer, please.” The never-before-seen images of Floyd’s arrest before the killing

The tragedy of George Floyd, frame by frame. These are the dramatic images recorded by the webcams worn on the uniform by Thomas Lane and Alex Kueng, the two policemen who were part of the team led by Derek Chauvin, the agent who choked the 46-year-old African American, holding his knee for eight minutes neck, regardless of the repeated appeals of the man who was struggling to breathe and after a while he stopped talking and moving.

The images of his terrible agony had been taken from a cellphone by a passerby: and once spread they had sparked the anger of half America.

But the images now obtained exclusively from the Daily Mail are even more chilling. Yes, because they show the terror of man, accused of selling a fake 20 dollar bill, from the first moment: when the agents knock on the door of his car, and point a gun in his face. And he begins to beg: “Don’t shoot me, officer. Please, friend. ‘

An image from the video published exclusively by the Daily Mail

He is seen trying to resist arrest, while he says he suffers from claustrophobia. That his mother just died and suffers from anxiety attacks. The agents don’t listen to him. And he cries. And begs as they pull him out of the car. Again, we see the brief struggle to drag him behind the wheel. And then the man suddenly on his knees. The situation we all know. Floyd repeats mom several times. And presaging what is going to happen to him, he whispers: “I will probably die like this”


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