Don’t tell my boss 2 – Advances and plot – Cast and characters

Don’t tell my boss 2 returns in reply next Sunday, July 19, 2020, always on the small screen of Rai 1. We will once again review our protagonists, Linen Guanciale (Enrico) e Vanessa Incontrada (Lisa). We will resume the plot from the previous ending, when we left the former assistant lawyer with the new role of partner.

The advances of Do not tell my boss 2 reveal that Enrico can’t wait to get rid of it. He hopes he won’t pass the exam and take back the law firm’s shares. By the way, he still hasn’t been able to forgive her for lying to him about being a mom.

Don’t tell my boss 2 – Advances and plot

In this second season, the two protagonists will still experience strong contrasts. The love and attraction that united and divided them in previous episodes will only increase more and more. In the meantime, Mia (Ludovica Coscione) begins to feel a strong impatience for the aunt of the same age, because of the charm that is in the eyes of Romeo (Saul Nanni). Also Pearl (Chiara Francini) will have to deal with new problems with her husband Rocco. It seems that the man has implemented a scam and has gone into hiding. For Lisa, however, there will be a bitter discovery to deal with: Nina (Sara Zanier)Enrico’s wife will work closely with her.

Don’t tell my boss 2 – Cast and characters

As we have seen, the cast of Do not tell my boss 2 will show us the evolution of all the main characters that we have known previously. And while some new entries will become part of the team of actors, other artists we met in the first season of Do not tell my boss will be absent instead. Among these Marta (Giorgia Surina), the lawyer who has always been in love with Enrico and who has given Lisa a lot of trouble. There will no longer be nemmemno Fabrizio Del Corso (Andrea Bosca), with whom the protagonist had a brief relationship, nor Jacopo (Federico Riccardo Rossi), the practitioner who has always been in love with Claudia (Gloria Radulescu), the secretary of the studio.

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