“Don’t wait until it’s too late” (video)

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès spoke to Belgians via social networks on Tuesday following the resurgence of the coronavirus in Belgium: “The latest figures relating to the health situation in our country, relayed by experts and by the press, worry us , they must be taken seriously, ”she began.

“We knew that the resumption of certain activities, the start of the school year and the return from vacation were going to be conducive to this rebound, which is the case everywhere in Europe. In the heart of the summer, we managed to slow down the resumption of the epidemic thanks to the measures taken, but above all thanks to the fact that the vast majority of us decided to continue to respect the rules, she said. insisted. By doing this, we managed to keep the situation under control so that we could send our children to school. Our approach and our results have also been taken as examples in other countries, ”continued the liberal.

After contamination … hospitalizations

Sophie Wilmès nevertheless admitted that a form of weariness was settling in us: “I understand that very well. The uncertainty is demotivating, the multiplication of contradictory messages is even more so. Let us not forget that each and every one of us can be part of the solution. In fact, we are the solution ”.

“We know that after an increase in contamination comes hospitalizations and then intensive care for the most vulnerable among us. Next come the deaths. These are our parents, our children, our partners or our friends. This is why we must act now. Do not wait until it is too late for a jump ”

“Acting in the fight against the coronavirus must be done on a daily basis, we must not wait for a new CNS or new measures to act, we must all work every day to avoid having to take more radical measures. From now on, and for many months to come, our future is in our hands. Everyone is essential to get through this ordeal, ”she concluded.


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