Don’t!: Why is this TikTokeuse cutting her lower eyelashes?

Not to do!

Why is this TikTokeuse cutting her lower eyelashes?

We knew the fact of gluing eyelashes or applying serum to obtain denser eyelashes and make them grow faster. But what about cutting them? It’s new… and it’s a very bad idea.


Carrie Madders cuts her lower eyelashes with a pair of scissors. Not really a good idea!


TikTok is in full swing. Nothing really new in this, except that this time the reasons are more than understandable, because instead of trying to lengthen the eyelashes using serums and oils, several creators of contents recommend cutting the lower eyelashes.

The objective is to open the eye and avoid the shadows formed by the lower lashes under it. In the videos, the TikTokeuses film themselves dangerously trimming their eyelashes using a pair of sharp scissors.

“I hate my bottom lashes”

Starting with Carrie Madders. “I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates my bottom lashes,” she wrote of the video, in which she trims her lashes. A point of view that has already earned him 19.1 million views. And thousands of comments from Internet users who sometimes express their concern, sometimes their fear. Misunderstanding aside, the TikTokeuse also gets well-meaning advice like, “They’re here to protect your eyeballs” and “Try using white mascara instead.”

However, Carrie is right on one point: she is not the only one. On TikTok, it is indeed not the only video of its kind. Some cut only the front half of the lower lashes, hoping to create the illusion of cat eyes.

Eyelashes are not there by chance

Is the phenomenon cause for concern? Absolutely, because the comments under Carrie’s video are completely legit. Eyelashes have a very specific function and protect the eyes from dust, dirt, sweat and external elements. They even offer protection against direct exposure to UV rays and strong drafts that dry out the eyes. Removing this protection can cause permanent tearing and irritation, and greatly increase the risk of infection.

The use of the obviously very sharp and pointed pair of scissors in the immediate vicinity of the eye goes without comment. The slightest sneeze or the surprise visit of the postman, who rings the doorbell, and we say goodbye to sight!

Care rather than scissors

If you’re in the same boat as Carrie and really can’t stand your lower lashes, we gladly go back to the white mascara tip. By using a white primer, you will also provide care for your eyelashes. They are worth it.

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