Don’t you have a veil? You will clean up or do push-ups, valid in Venezuela

In one of them, three young people in the town of Torbes in the state of Táchira, under the supervision of a policeman with shovels, clean the ditch by the road. One girl has a sign on her back with the logo of the local town hall and the inscription: “Because I didn’t have a veil, I have to do community service.”

In another video from Guásimos, Tachir, three young men are doing push-ups on a local playground. They are supervised by a police officer, who tells them what a transgression they have committed. “I was not supposed to be on the street, I have to stay at home, the police acted according to the presidential decree on the covid-19 pandemic,” the young men in veils repeat after him during the exercise.

Controversial President Nicolás Maduro has been applying the 7 + 7 system in the country since June, which means that anti-coronavirus restrictions are milder for a week and “radical quarantine” applies for the week. During it, only the sectors necessary for the operation of the country, ie communications, healthcare, security or supply, but also those with a time limit, operate.

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