Don’t you want to play the NBA again? The pandemic has created a new team

More typically, the situation could not have developed. Jamal Crawford, in his forties, according to plans, the most prominent of the last minute reinforcements, just sat at the deck due to poor physics, did not play at all. Even so, he wanted to be valid, he acted, he motivated. Teammate Caris LeVert explained his words: “When we get hit, we have to be able to absorb it.”

The NBA will play without Durant, after the injury he is not ready yet

After all, the Brooklyn Nets are currently crazy about that. Instead of the NBA club, they resembled battered boxers: seven members of the staff are missing to restart the year! And basically all the best.

Icons Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were ruled out by injuries, DeAndre Jordan and Spencer Dinwiddie’s coronavirus infection, Wilson Chandler apologized for family concerns (plus the Taurean Prince and rookie Nic Claxton dropped out).

Finished personnel genocide. What about not being ashamed?

Their jump into the renewed NBA looked like that, at the premiere they were far behind. They didn’t catch up.

And by the way – the Nets still succeeded for the first time last night on Sunday night zdolali Washington Wizards 118:110.

“A lot of new guys are experienced veterans. He knows how important it is to communicate on and off the deck, ”Garrett Temple, one of the old parties, praised the positive development.

Who else can you take in a hurry when a pandemic breaks up your team? For example, the aforementioned excellent shooter Crawford played for the last time last year, since then he has been without engagement. His hand is still great, but his body does not fool age. The fact that he, too, has to wait for his renewed premiere would probably turn the less patient coach’s hair gray. But instead of rage, Jacque Vaughn opted for a different approach.

At the ball Caris LeVert of Brooklyn Nets is defended by Isaac Bonga of Washington Wizards.
Jarrett Allen of the Brooklyn Nets finishes the match against the Washington Wizards.

“It’s a big test of our club’s determination,” the coach said. “No matter where new players come from, we need to make sure they are well taken care of – and their families they have had to leave,” Vaughn said, adding that close NBA players are not allowed in a closed basketball bubble in Orlando. “And all these protocols are here to be followed.”

And so the whole created in the Disney World pandemic complex continues to be recognized and played out. Even in this mood, however, Washington defeated. It was a key battle between the worst two remaining contenders for the last place in the Eastern Conference playoffs – a huge win!

Crawford, 40, gets a chance from Brooklyn

That the Nets should suddenly have a sensational bond, mow down the favorites and go far in the elimination fights, seems like too much of a fairy tale. Participation in the playoffs alone would be enough.

When someone important hockey player dropped out in a competing NHL – also restarted, also played in a hermetically sealed place – it smelled of disaster. The Nets received seven such wounds.

But they breathe. Still yes.

“We’re still a bit of a limited lineup,” said Joe Harris, a participant in last year’s World Cup in China. “It’s not easy. The new boys get used to the coach’s game philosophy, they have undergone mandatory quarantines, they get into the game form … That’s why there is a greater burden of responsibility on us, who have been here for a long time. “

And instead of shame, one can talk about hope.


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