Doom 3: VR Edition will be released this month for PlayStation VR – Gaming – News

Bethesda will release a VR edition of Doom 3 for PlayStation VR on March 29. This version of the game therefore works on the PlayStation 4 and PS5. Sony also announced that five other PSVR games will be released in 2021.

Sony and Bethesda announced the new Doom 3 edition during a PlayStation VR Spotlight. This version of the game is for the gun-like Aim accessory for the current PSVR headset. Sony brings a short trailer with gameplay images. The VR edition includes The Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil expansions as standard. It is not known whether Doom 3: VR Edition will also be available for other VR platforms; publisher Bethesda only mentions a release for PlayStation VR.

More PSVR games will be released this year, Sony announced. For example, Dutch studio Vertigo Games will release a new VR game this summer, called After the Fall. This will be a cooperative zombie shooter. The game was previously announced, although no clear release period has been shared before. The studio is not yet talking about a specific release date. Escape room games will also be released this year I Expect You To Die 2, action shooter Fracked, survivalgame Song in the Smoke in Zenith, an mmo game that appeared on Kickstarter last year.

Sony announced in February that it is working on a new PSVR headset for the PlayStation 5. Those VR glasses would be better in ‘several areas’ than the current PSVR model. For example, the next version would use a single cable and get a new controller that includes some DualSense features. The company is not yet talking about a resolution, refresh rate or field-of-view.

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