News «Doom Eternal»: the wildest shooting saga is reinvented in...

«Doom Eternal»: the wildest shooting saga is reinvented in its new installment


There are two months left so that we can fully enjoy the next edition of one of the longest-running videogame sagas. ABC has been able to try the final version, which will be released on March 20, and what we have seen has really pleased us. So much so that we can say that «Doom Eternal», which will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and computer, is a worthy member of the popular first person shooting franchise.

The work shows changes with respect to past titles. Its creators have followed the trends of the sector and have made the new “Doom” a demanding game. Even at the lowest difficulty levels, dying and retrying is a common occurrence, since everything is designed so that each location is surpassed by the fairness of ammunition and life.

The narrative will also be quite important, so we will see many more cinematics and develop missions that aim at something more than ending every living bug. The argument, however, we all know: the demons have escaped from hell, nightmare beings with a multitude of hell skills armed to the teeth, and it is our duty to return them to their place of origin with all kinds of futuristic weapons and bloodthirsty executions . Without much spoiler, in «Doom Eternal» we will have to overcome missions to repair the ship from which we will assault the different worlds, where we have to end the infernal priests who have caused the demons to run at ease.

Greater difficulty and better graphics
The graphic section, as we saw in E3 and Gamescom, has improved considerably compared to «Doom». Four years have passed and it is natural that the breadth of scenarios, the definition of demons and textures have adapted to the times that are running. As it was not a definitive version, we could not prove it to the maximum of its resolution or graphic section.

There are three things that will characterize “Eternal Doom” and will clearly differentiate it from the previous Doom. The first is the scarcity of resources. That of shooting right and left is over. Ammunition, first aid kits and armor are terribly scarce. We will not find them scattered everywhere as we were used to. In this way, it will become normal that in the middle of the fight we will end up punching because we have run out of ammunition.

There are three ways to get ammo, life and armor. Life is achieved by executions. When our opponent is shocked it will be time to make a bloody execution, then spheres of life fall. Executions are no longer a mere aesthetic movement, but must be done constantly to recover the damage they are doing to us.

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The ammunition is recovered using the chainsaw, the same as the execution but with the saw. Of course, to use it we have to have fuel that is also scarce. The armor, on the other hand, is achieved with the flamethrower, burning the demons to the good and killing them later, the armor will fall as they die.

The second feature of this game will be the jumps and the platforms, we will be jumping as if it were a constant Mario Bros from one side to the other. The walls are scalable and the scenarios are designed with platforms that sink a few seconds into seas of lava. At some points it can be somewhat stressful to see us stuck on a platform screen, where you have to get it right with times. Something that makes the work the most vertical Doom in history.

The third is the weak points of the greatest demons. Although they are quite obvious, exploiting them is essential to advance the game. For example, Cacodemon, a round demon that floats and throws energy balls through its mouth, if we shoot a grenade it will swallow it and it will be shocked for the final execution. The Revenant, which is a skeleton with missile launchers on the shoulders, we will have to shoot the missile launchers first to disarm it. They are not options, due to the shortage of ammunition if we only shoot we will not be able to bring down any big demon.

One of the criticisms suffered by “Doom” was the shortage of scenarios that were repeated over and over again throughout the game’s progress. In «Eternal Doom» we will go through several worlds that have a different setting, from the pure flaming hell, to an icy world, or inside a beast. In that aspect “Eternal Doom” far exceeds its predecessor.

Although we are not talking about an RPG, the work has an intricate tree of progress where we can improve our entire arsenal and adapt it to our style of play. From weapons that can use different MODs, to weapon points to give them bonuses, crystals to improve character characteristics and improvement points of the praetor suit. The four are achieved in different ways, and will make our character lead a unique evolution. As for the weapons, in what we have been able to prove, they are the classic ones that we already saw in Doom, along with the flamethrower that is incorporated into «Eternal Doom». .


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