Door open to the health pass in less well vaccinated cities, end of the federal phase, no more masks for shop customers: what is on the Codeco table

The consultation committee is due to meet this Friday. In cities where the vaccination rate is too low, the generalization of CST is seen as an interesting alternative solution to confinement. The case of Liège, in addition to Brussels, is cited.

A consultation committee is due to meet this Friday, September 17. It will have to decide between the will of Flanders to soften and drop the mask and that of Wallonia, and Brussels in particular, to move forward more cautiously.

According to our information, the Federal government has agreed, on the basis of the report from the Covid police station, on a certain number of points. These will still have to be the subject of an agreement between the Regions, which is far from certain.

Thus, Codeco notes an upward trend, although slow in epidemiological indicators.

This week’s Risk Assement Group (RAG) epidemiological report classified Brussels as well as Liège at alert level 4. For Codeco, this requires additional measures from the Liège provincial crisis unit.

Could measures such as an extended Covid Safe Ticket in Liège be taken? It will be at …

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