Dorados eliminated Chivas in the sudden death of the penalties and advanced to the quarterfinals of the MX Cup

Dorados de Sinaloa received at the Banorte Stadium in Las Chivas de Guadalajara, in the duel corresponding to the return of the round of 16 of the MX Cup. In penalties, Dorados qualified to the quarterfinals of the contest.

The outlook for both teams is complicated. LBoth templates have had a bad start in their respective leagues. However, the Great Fish began with those of winning, because he was with his people, in La Pecera and had the advantage on the scoreboard for a bit.

The Chivas, without much effort, controlled the ball, but without having a clear goal play. It was Huntil the 15th minute, when Gilberto Sepúlveda lagged behind and leaked a ball between the defensive line sinaloense. Ronaldo Cisneros received near the penalty spot and, without a mark, fired without direction to the right side of Luis López Payan’s post.

The guest of honor arrived from the feet of Cristian Calderón in the 24th minute. In a corner kick, there was a double header, which led to the Chicote. The Mexican side turned around, while the round was suspended in the air, and then a decomposed Chilean ventured against the goalkeeper. This score meant the first goal of the game and the overall draw of the series.

With this goal, Calderón scored his second goal with the Tapatíos. The first was also against Dorados, in the first game of this series, almost at the end of the match.

In the first minutes of the complement, both teams knocked on the door. Between standsticks of Dorados and unfolded of Chivas, both campuses stole sighs from La Pecera spectators. However, none could specify the action that gave them the advantage.

The most dangerous play of the second half was the Great Fish. At 66, José Raúl Zúñiga combed a ball that passed over the back of the court. Francisco Contreras received, entered the area alone and fired. Gudiño, attentive, shrunk and then deflected the ball at a corner kick.

With 10 minutes left, nervousness took over the field. Although they had several options to score as much as to let them sigh, none could enter the ball into the nets. Everything seemed that the penalties would be the definitive solution to know who would go to the next round.

The last minutes were from Dorados. It seemed that the Flock was already thinking about penalties, while the Sinaloa team retained the ball longer and tried to damage Gudino’s goal without precision, sending the game to the batch.

The first to charge was Amaury Scotus. Hearing the beep, the Dorados footballer charged “Panenka” to the right and sent the ball to the nets. Instead, the first of Chivas was the captain Antonio Briseño, who shot the center to tie the criminals

The third was Adolfo Dominguez, charging the maximum penalty to the left and the fork, avoiding Raul. Instead, Tiba Sepulveda managed to tie the batch, with a strong shot and to the center of the goal.

With a weak shot and to the center, Hiram Muñoz did his job and scored the fourth penalty for Dorados. Also, Chicote Calderón, with a few jumps, scored the goal with a shot to the left López’s frame.

Rubén Monges, cheated on Gudiño with a shot to the center. Chofis López did the same with a goal on the right and at the angle.

In sudden death, José Zuñiga, almost missed his shot, but the ball, which seemed not to want to enter the goal, touched the nets. Nevertheless, Miguel Ponce was the villain of the night, when the penalty failed, that Lopez cut with his legs.

With this triumph, Dorados will face in the quarterfinals the winner of the key disputed by Querétaro and Juárez. The return of this match will be imputed this Thursday and the White Roosters have the advantage on the scoreboard for a goal over Bravos.

The next Chivas match is against Atlético San Luis at the Alfonso Lastra Stadiums, match of matchday 4 of the Liga MX. On the other hand, Dorados will visit Atlante at Andrés Quintana Roo, meeting of day 2 of the MX Ascent.

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