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Double overtime between Minni and the Sixers, open day for the Rockets and Charlotte

  • Minnesota Timberwolves 121 – Philadelphia Sixers 120 after two overtime

For his return, Joel Embiid was immediately thrown into the deep end. The match that night between his team and that of Wolves was indeed a real thriller. Behind the start of the third quarter by 20 points, the Sixers managed to come back. For a, the men of Doc Rivers were able to say thank you to the trio Tobias Harris/Joel Embiid/Tyrese Maxey, author of 42 of the Sixers’ 59 points over the period. As more Karl-Anthony Towns, very good until then (28 points and 10 rebounds) coped with his sixth fault at the end of regular time, everyone said to each other after the tap ofAndre Drummond to snatch the overtime that the Sixers would win. Corn D’Angelo Russell watched over the grain. The leader, author of 35 points in total, compiled 12, in addition to two assists in both overtime. If we add the fourth quarter, that’s 27 of his 35 points. And besides, he was also effective in defense, since he was the one who made the very last interception on Maxey, 10 seconds from the end and with the Sixers leading by two points, to send. Taurean Prince double-step, and win the match. Despite the enormous performance of Embiid, author of 42 points and 14 rebounds.

  • Charlotte Hornets 143 – Houston Rockets 146 aprs prolongation

Since the start of the season, the defenses have tightened in the NBA. Except that the Hornets and the Rockets obviously did not have the mmo last night: the two teams were clearly in operation open doors. at the end of regulatory time, the score was 135 everywhere. Which means that we end up with a lot of players who have scored cards: 21 points for Gordon Hayward, 22 for Miles Bridges, 31 for Terry Rozier, 19 for LaMelo Ball (in addition to 11 rebounds and 13 assists), 13 for PJ Washington (and it is besides him who lands the extension with a tap on a three-point rat of LaMelo Ball 5 seconds from the end) or 23 for Kelly Oubre Jr. And that is only for the Hornets. In their opponents, the MVP is called Christian Wood. Author of 33 points and 16 rebounds, the interior has perfectly launched his team in overtime, which allowed them to lead the victory.

  • Miami Heat 107 – Chicago Bulls 104

In this close match from start to finish, the Heat ended up winning. And they can thank a rather unlikely hero: Gabe Vincent. The leader completely caught fire in the last quarter, returning four of his six three-point attempts, plus four free throws, including two 7 seconds from the end to kill the game (he finished with 20 points in total). Faced with these blows, the perfs of DeMar DeRozan (28 points) or Alex Caruso (22 points), were not enough.

– With seven players over ten points and three over 20, the collective strength of the Jazz hurt the Pelicans, defenseless. Final score: 127,105.

Kemba Walker bless, Tom Thibodeau has chosen to establish Alec Burks at post 1. A paying idea, since his duet with Evan Fournier hurt the Hawks (43 points in aggregate) and allowed the Knicks to win despite the Bring young (33 points and 7 assists) and Clint Chapel (16 points and 21 rebounds). Final score: 99 90.

– Big game of Darius Garland (26 points and 11 assists), and the Cavs easily have the Magic (105 92).

-Le duo Kyle Kuzma/Bradley Beal (48 points two), made the Mavs fold. However, Luka Doncic was in good shape (33 points and v10 assists) but the lack of defense was expensive (120 14).

Kevin Durant Was huge last night against the Suns (39 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists) but he was too lonely. James Harden, malgr son triple double, did not have much impact (12, 13 and 14 but 4/15 on shots).

Minnesota 121 Philadelphia 120 – PR

New York 99 Atlanta 90

Phoenix 113 Brooklyn 107

Orlando 92 Cleveland 105

Miami 107 Chicago 104

Charlotte 143 Houston 146 – PR

Washington 120 Dallas 114

New Orleans 105 Utah 127

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