Double Warning for Thunderstorms, Strong Winds, and Hail in Shandong, Shanghai, and 7 Other Provinces and Cities

2023-07-09 06:42:00

Original title: Double warning issued simultaneously in Shandong, Shanghai and other 7 provinces and cities with thunderstorms, strong winds or hail

Double warning issued simultaneously in 7 provinces and cities including Shandong, Shanghai, thunderstorms, strong winds or hail

Source: Original manuscript by People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, July 9 (Ouyang Yijia) According to the China Meteorological Administration, today, the scope of heavy precipitation and strong convective weather has shrunk, but southwest Anhui, eastern Hubei, northwestern Hunan, western Guizhou, and Yunnan There are heavy to heavy rains in the south, eastern Jilin, and southeastern Tibet, and some areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall is 30 to 50 mm, and local areas can exceed 60 mm). Some areas in central and eastern Shandong, northern Jiangsu and other places will have thunderstorms and strong winds or hail weather of magnitude 8 to 10, and local winds can reach magnitude 11. The Central Meteorological Observatory continues to issue orange warnings for high temperature and yellow warnings for severe convective weather.

It is estimated that during the day on the 9th, most of North China, Huanghuai, most of Jiangnan, South China and the Sichuan Basin, western Hubei, central and southern Shaanxi, central and western Gansu, northern Ningxia, western Inner Mongolia, Turpan, Xinjiang, and the eastern part of the Nanjiang Basin will have a temperature of 35°C The above high-temperature weather, among them, the highest temperature in some areas of central and southern North China, most of the Huanghuai River, central and eastern Jiangnan, and western Inner Mongolia is 37 to 39 ℃, southern Hebei, northern Henan, northwestern Shandong, southeastern Zhejiang, and northeast Fujian Central and western Inner Mongolia and other places can reach above 40 ℃.

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It is estimated that from 14:00 on the 9th to 14:00 on the 10th, there will be 8 to 10 cases in parts of southeastern Heilongjiang, central and eastern Jilin, central and northern Liaoning, central and eastern Shandong, central and eastern Anhui, northeastern and southern Jiangsu, and Shanghai. Scale thunderstorm gale or hail weather, local winds can reach 11; southeastern Inner Mongolia, northwestern and central eastern Heilongjiang, central and western Jilin, central eastern and northern Liaoning, southern Shandong, central Anhui, northeastern and southern Jiangsu, Shanghai , eastern and southwestern Hubei, northwestern Hunan, northern Zhejiang, southern Sichuan, southeastern Chongqing, western and northeastern Guizhou, central eastern and southwestern Yunnan, northwestern Guangxi, central southern and southwestern Guangdong, etc. There is short-term heavy rainfall, with an hourly rainfall of 30 to 50 millimeters, and local areas can reach more than 60 millimeters.

It is expected that the main impact period of strong convection will be from afternoon to midnight today.

Meteorological experts remind that the rainfall area in the south will change. The public needs to be alert to the adverse effects of landslides, mountain torrents, and urban and rural waterlogging that may be caused by heavy rainfall and strong convective weather on traffic and daily life. Areas with high risk of meteorological disasters. North China, Huanghuai, Jiangnan, South China and other places continue to have high fever. The public should pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, pay attention to their own health, reduce the length of outdoor activities, avoid working outside during high temperature periods, and beware of heat stroke and heat stroke.

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