doubts about the “great late bombardment”

DECRYPTION – This old theory about the formation of the Solar System is, once again, undermined by a Japanese study.

Artist's impression of a meteor shower.
Artist’s impression of a meteor shower. By Johan Swanepoel/JohanSwanepoel –

Here is one more nail embedded in the coffin of the “great late bombardment”, a forty-year-old theory of the formation of the Solar System according to which a meteor shower fell on the young planets some 600 million years after their birth. (i.e. 3.9 billion years ago). This gigantic deluge of meteorites on all the bodies of the Solar System would have been caused by a sudden migration of the giant planets, in particular Neptune and Uranus, which, by moving away from the Sun, would have destabilized the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, scattering large amounts of “pebbles”. But the hypothesis is challenged, and a Japanese study to appear in the November issue of Earth and Planetary Science Letters, based on meteorite analysis, brings a new argument to this revision.

It was the analyzes of lunar rocks brought back by the Apollo missions from 1969 that had led to formulate

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