Douglas presents an ERO for 600 employees in Spain and close 103 perfumeries

The perfume chain Douglas has announced one reorganization of its network of stores in Spain with the closure of 103 establishments, which will lead to the submission of a Regulation File ofEmployment (ERO) that will affect a maximum of 600 employees, the multinational said in a statement.

Specifically, the company has reported the start of this procedure workers’ representatives have already been notified, and that the consultation period is expected to begin in the third week of February.

Douglas noted that he approaches this process from the “utmost respect for all workers” and with a desire to achieve the best solution for all parties.

The multinational has explained that the decision to reorganize its network of stores it arrives as part of its digitization process and responds to the change in consumer habits that has been taking place in Europe in recent years, which has strongly driven the growth of the company’s ‘online’ trade.

In this sense, the company has experienced a record of sales ‘online’ in the year 2019/2020, with an increase of 40.6% over the previous year, to reach 822 million euros.

The multinational has specified that this change in trend in consumer behavior, which began before the arrival of the Covid-19, but that has been intensely accelerated by the pandemic, implies “necessarily this rapid adaptation” of the company’s commercial network.

In this way, the signature will optimize your number of stores and their locations, as well as the specialized staff in each of them, prioritizing the sale ‘online’, as it considers that this change of trend is “definitive”.

Of Douglas’s total of 2,400 stores in Europe, about 500 will be affected for this process of promoting digitization, of which 103 are in Spain.

The company has stressed that the reorganization of perfumeries in Spain, therefore, “far from being based on conjunctural circumstances, responds to a process of transforming the company’s business which had begun before the pandemic. “

The determination of the affected points of sale is based on the individual situation analysis of each of the stores, for which the data of the period prior to the appearance of the coronavirus have been taken into account.

For this analysis, Douglas has studied complex criteria related to the economic viability, the development potential of each establishment and the density of stores in each market.

Since 2017/2018, Douglas has been working on a process of transforming the business model that puts digital ‘retail’ at the center of its growth through the #Forwardbeauty strategy.

Last summer, the company announced that it would take its strategy to the next level with #Forwardbeauty.DigitalFirst to get the online store, marketplace and physical outlets integrated into a beauty platform. digitally connected and data-based.


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