Downhill from Bormio: Mayer wins, Kryenbühl 3rd

This content was published on December 30, 2020 – 2:02 PM


Weaned from victory since the start of the season, the Austrian ski lifted its head during the descent from Bormio. Matthias Mayer won ahead of Vincent Kriechmayr and Switzerland’s Urs Kryenbühl.

It was therefore not until the 23rd race of the winter that Austria regained the top step of the podium thanks to double Olympic champion Matthias Mayer (30). It was played with hundredths of a second in a descent with minimal gaps – the first nine finishing in half a second – as Mayer edged Kriechmayr by 0”04 and Kryenbühl by 0”06 for the 10th success of his World Cup career.

The Schwyzois Kryenbühl for his part obtained the third top 3 of his career. He had already shone in 2019 in Bormio (2nd) and had recently finished 3rd in Val d’Isère. At 26, he seems to have reached a milestone and perhaps emerges as the future leader of the Swiss downhill team.

A real fight

“It was a real fight on this track. The expectations were high, so I am all the more proud to have lived up to it. I am very happy with my race”, declared the Schwyz resident on the television microphone. German-speaking SRF.

The Grison Mauro Caviezel, 5th at 0”16, for his part did not go far from a place on the box. He probably paid dearly for a small mistake in the final part of his race. Caviezel has nevertheless once again shown to be in the game.

The speech is a little different for Beat Feuz. The veteran Bernese does not appear to be in top form at the moment. The winner of the downhill globe of the last three winters had to be content with 10th place in Bormio, 0.59 behind the winner. “I tried to take as much risk as possible. But I made a big mistake in the first third of the race, and that is not forgiving with such small gaps,” he explained.

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Marco Odermatt, who started with bib 31, distinguished himself by finishing 12th at 0”80. Stefan Rogentin narrowly entered the points (29th at 2”19). No less than three Swiss experienced elimination on fall, all at the top of the course. They are Niels Hintermann, Carlo Janka and Ralph Weber.

Paris 4th but happy

On “his” track, Dominik Paris this time failed to win. The Italian, who had won the last four descents on the Stelvio, was however delighted with his 4th place at 0”13.

The lead singer of the metal band “Rise of Voltage” has yet to fully recover after his serious injury last winter. He signed his best result of the season.

The Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, 6th in Bormio, took over the lead of the World Cup general with 3 points ahead of the French Alexis Pinturault. He also leads the downhill standings with 32 points more than Mayer.

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