Download the GTA 5 game for Android, with a direct link from Mediafire

Download the gta 5 game for Android, one of the most important parts of the Grand Theft Auto game, which has achieved great success, as it is one of the parts in which great developments have occurred, whether in terms of the tasks that the player will carry out or in terms of play areas that have increased simulation of reality and diversified in addition to the availability of the multiplayer mode In this version, through which it is possible to play with a group of players and enjoy distinctive and varied adventures between driving cars, fighting, and entering into battles with mafia gangs.

About download gta 5 game for android

Prepare Download gta 5 for android One of the games developed by Rockstar North, where the first version of the game appeared for Xbox in 2013, and another version was released in 2015 for Microsoft Windows devices, and with time many other parts were developed to suit all electronic devices.

The game is one of the first-person games that has been able to develop greatly in terms of graphics and 3D images, in addition to the occurrence of many developments in cars and weapons used in the game, and many dialogues that take place between the game characters.

Information about the game gta 5

The GTA 5 game is one of the most downloaded and purchased parts of the GTA games, as the game was distinguished by the distinctive dramatic plot with a wide range of features that were provided in this version of it.

the story

The events of this version of gta 5 download for Android take place 9 years after the previous part and after the failed robbery carried out by the game’s hero, as the player will ask him a set of new tasks from gangsters in light of an integrated story between different mafia gangs such as Chinese gangs.


During this version, the player will enjoy the ability to choose between three main characters. Each of these characters has its own skills and motives. These characters can cooperate with each other to carry out a number of criminal operations such as drug trafficking, robbery, money theft, driving cars and running people over in the street, as mentioned. Get to know me online.


In the GTA 5 game, there is a variety of vehicles that the player can drive, starting with different cars that resemble real cars of the same brands, in addition to motorcycles, planes, ships, and other types of vehicles that are easy to drive to get them to the place where tasks are required.

play environment

In the GTA 5 game for Android, game environments have been developed in which various activities will be carried out in an unlimited way, such as car racing tracks, beaches, forests, in addition to the streets in which the player will steal cars and drive them, in addition to that the player can explore all the areas in which he can move Using different vehicles, especially using the helicopter.


During the events of the game, the player will enjoy a variety of different weapons such as machine guns, pistols, bladed weapons, in addition to flamethrowers. The player can also upgrade the weapons he possesses permanently by stealing weapons or by collecting money.

How can I download gta 5 for Android?

The GTA 5 game is one of the games of which there are versions that work on mobile devices with the Android operating system, like the rest of the versions Gata games.

But in order to download and enjoy the game, this requires paying a monthly subscription. Therefore, through the download link at the bottom of the article, gta 5 for Android can be downloaded and enjoyed for free.

GTA 5 game download link for Android from here.

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