dozens of scars on the buttocks

The trial of Michael Jackson gives rise in the United States to many revelations about the state of health of the singer who died in June 2009 because of an overdose of drugs.

Four years after his death, the disappearance of Michael Jackson continues to fascinate America and to occupy the courts. After the trial of pathetic Doctor Murray, convicted of having prescribed Propofol, a powerful anesthetic used as a sleeping pill that killed the star, producers, record labels and other turners are fighting to reclaim some of the king of pop’s legacy as a ringing and stumbling block. But a lawsuit that is being held at the moment draws particular attention: the one brought by the Jackson family against AEG, the promoter in charge of organizing the tour of Michael Jackson before his death.

Considering that it was the pressure of this tour and the hiring of Dr Murray that resulted in the singer’s overdose death, Michael Jackson’s family are claiming $ 40 billion from the company. During the trial, a revelation gave shivers down the spine of American opinion. In the 1990s, a doctor, summoned to the bar, found that Michael Jackson was covered with scars on his buttocks, due to the many injections of products he inflicted on himself. Mainly painkillers, but also sedatives, sleeping pills and drugs had been part of Michael Jackson’s life for a very long time. Doctor Finkelstein then said to have alerted AEG at the time but only received mockery in return. Michael Jackson did not go to rehab in London until much later. A cure which it seems will not have completely cured him.

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ON VIDEO – Fans gathered outside Michael Jackson’s mausoleum in California to mark the fourth anniversary of the death of the King of Pop.

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“Fans mark 4 years since Michael Jackson’s death”

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