DPD Maluku Democrat Party Poles 11 People Attending Outbreak in North Sumatra


DPD of the Maluku Democratic Party (PD) went to the Maluku Regional Police to report the 11 people who followed Extraordinary Congress (KLB) which is considered illegal in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. Chairman of the PD Maluku DPD, Elwen Roy Pattiasina said the 11 people acted on behalf of the Maluku DPC, even though they did not have the authority.

“We reported to those who yesterday attended the extraordinary congress in Medan on behalf of the DPD chairman and the DPC chairman throughout Maluku, because they acted on behalf and they did not have the authority, so I as the DPD chairman was given a mandate by all DPC heads in Maluku to report them, because they are illegal participants, “said Elwen Roy to reporters at the Maluku Regional Police, Saturday (6/3/2021).

Roy explained that there were 11 people who were policed ​​in PD. According to Roy, those who were present at KLB Friday (5/3) admitted that he is the chairman of the DPD and 11 DPC Democrats in Maluku, but in fact he is not.

“There are 11 people we reported. Some are still administrators, some are not but some have been fired, only 2 were active yesterday while the others were fired. They went there on behalf of the DPD chairman and the DPC chairman,” he explained.

“About 5 people have been fired from the party before joining KLB one of them is carrying out the duties of the Ambon City DPC chairman, Mr. Marcus Pentury, “he added.

Photo: DPD PD Maluku Report 11 People Participating in the Outbreak in Medan (Abbas-detikcom)

Roy explained that the 11 people left for Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, without Roy’s knowledge, as the Chairman of the PD Maluku DPD. Roy also said that his party had warned the 11 people not to leave, but they still left and claimed that they were ready to be fired from the management of the PD. Ketum Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY).

There were 4 things Roy reported to the 11 participants KLB that. The four things are defamation, fraud, forgery of documents, and even spreading false news.

“There are (reports) of defamation, fraud, falsification of documents, and fake news,” Roy concluded.

Watch the video ‘Opening up the Chairperson of the Central Java DPC Democrats about’ ulcers ‘outbreaks’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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