DPD Papuan Democratic Party Ready for War, Reject Outbreak Results in Deli Serdang

JAYAPURA, KOMPAS.TV – The Regional Executive Board of the Papua Province Democratic Party expressed its position of rejecting the results of the extraordinary congress held in North Sumatra.

They stated that they remained solid in supporting Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono as the legitimate chairman of the Democratic Party.

Deputy Chairman of the Papua Provincial Democratic Party DPD Ricky Ham Pagawak said he was ready to fight.

“All board members of the Papuan Democratic DPD and solid party cadres fully support the leadership of the General Chairperson of the Democratic DPP, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) and declare they are ready to fight against people who undermine the authority of the party,” said Ricky at a press conference.

Ricky ensured that the implementation of the Extraordinary Democrat Party in Deli Serdang was not represented by a single representative of the Papuan Democrats.

“We will ensure that all Papuan Democrat managers remain with AHY in accordance with the results of the extraordinary Democratic 2020 congress which is valid in accordance with the party’s AD/ART,” said Ricky Ham Pagawak.

Previously, the Democrat KLB in Deli Serdang had decided Moeldoko to be the new leader, namely the position of General Chair.

The news regarding the Democrat KLB received a response from SBY and AHY.

Both stated that the outbreak was illegal and unconstitutional.

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