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Do you agree that this year’s election is the most deserted one in history (Graphic/Chen Youling)

The nine-in-one election will be voted at the end of the year, and the candidates of various parties are fiercely fired. Recently, the controversy over the thesis of Gao Hongan, the mayoral candidate of the Hsinchu People’s Party, has set off a collective onslaught of the green camp. However, a latest poll shows that 54.3% of the people agree that this year’s election is “the coldest one in history”, and 33.7% of the people are not familiar with the candidates in their place of residence; The consensus of public opinion is probably beyond the expectations of many people, and it is also in great contrast to the recent strong artillery fire of the Green Camp, making netizens call “everyone is not acting.”

“Yahoo Qimo” has conducted an online poll for the year-end election since the 14th. As of 8:00 a.m. on the 22nd, nearly 38,500 people have voted. In the question “Do you agree that this year’s election is the most deserted one in history?”, 34.5% of the public think they agree, 19.8% strongly agree, 19.0% do not agree, 20.2% do not know/no opinion, and 20.2% completely agree. 6.5% disapprove; adding those who “fairly agree” and “strongly agree” equals 54.3% who agree.

Regarding “Are you familiar with the candidates in the place of residence?”, 33.7% thought they were unfamiliar, 31.6% were fairly familiar, 13.8% were not familiar at all, 10.9% didn’t know/have no opinion, and 10.0% were very familiar.

The poll results sparked heated discussions, with netizens flocking to “Zhongshi News Network” and “Yahoo! Qimo News” Facebook related links to leave messages: “Laughing to death! The DPP fought like that, and the people didn’t feel it at all”, ” The Green Camp has been under fire recently. It seems that the people have become numb, and their wishful thinking has been overturned.” “The DPP and the people are no longer acting.” “It won’t be deserted. Taipei, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu are very lively. There will be no end to the quarrel!” “The election is deserted, so that the “die loyalists decide the winner”, and those who do not participate in the voting will hold grudges for another four years.”

Article Source:Yahoo poll

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